Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday to Katherine and her daddy!

I'm really no good at remembering birthdays so I am making a new goal to do better! Why not start with these two, love you both!
Happy Birthday to my darling niece Katherine who turned 1 yesterday. She is one of the most gorgeous little girls ever and I'm proud to call her my own. Can't wait to kiss your little face in about a week!
And Happy Birthday to my one and only brother Brian who's birthday is on the 29th! My brother is one of the funniest people in the whole world. He's by far one of my favorite people to hang out with. Love you B!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just thoughts

Since getting pregnant, I have realized that my alone time with Oliver is limited now, which has actually been a big pill to swallow. It's been more emotional for me than I thought it would. I feel like I have these moments with him now that I will look back and just totally cherish. I mean seriously, I am in love with this kid. And I am not going to say the classic, 'how can I have room in my heart for one more when I already love him as much as I do". I've never thought that made sense because how can you not have endless room in your heart to love just about everyone. I know I'll love the next just as much and my love for Ollie will be the same as it was.

I just enjoy being two peas in a pod right now. Like we go on these dates together, to the bakery to get a muffin and cocoa, bowling, I mean literally anywhere I go, he comes. My favorite are our almost daily naps together, that kid is a snuggler. Seriously, he gets his arm wedged under my neck and then throws his other arm around me so I am fully encompassed. Priceless. I am more grateful than ever now to have not gotten pregnant any sooner than I did. I needed this time with Ollie, and just him. The timing feels utterly perfect. I even remember thinking in August, oh we should really start thinking of getting pregnant again and I went back and forth. It really just didn't feel right. Weird that just 4 months later it did, but that's the way it goes I guess.

I think part of me felt obligated to start trying, because Ollie was getting a little older and the spacing was getting a little wider. Since in the LDS culture, families have babies close together, it just gets expected. Like I swear, you're child hits 1 and everyone is like, when's the next one on the way? I know some of you hear me on this. And I think if that is what you want and you feel good about, you should absolutely do what makes you and your family happy. And at the same time, if it's not, that's ok too. I think it's mostly about breaking down that expected standard and realizing everyone is on their own timeline. I mean I've heard people say, well close spacing is the only way to go, and guess what, their family was spaced super close. And then I hear someone say, no you have to spread them out because their children were all spread out. So really, people just tell you what they know, and then you have to figure out for yourself what you know.

I love being a mom because no one gets to call the shots but me (and Ryan and the Lord) but really, I was trusted with these babies, they were sent specifically to me from heaven for a reason. I get to be their mom. Ryan and I always talk about how different being a mom is than a dad. Being a mom is like giving out pieces of your heart so that you always are thinking of your children, whether with you or not. Dad's can sort of get away with a little less. Their attachment isn't quite as consuming. Sometimes I have these conversations with God about being a mom. I feel like I've been given a specific calling just for me from him. Like he's saying, ok I'm trusting you with Oliver because he needs you specifically, with any one else, it wouldn't work. Only you can be the mom he needs. When Ryan and I were dating, I use to feel like our kids were watching us, willing us together, just waiting for their chance to join us. I really do remember those moments. Wow, I had never felt anything like that.

So even though Ollie and the next will be about 2 1/2 years apart, it wasn't really about planning, it was about what was right; it could have been a year or 4, but this was the time for this little spirit to join our family and I'm grateful for it. Until then, I look forward to every moment with my little man and hope that in about 6 months he will be ready to be a big brother and I'll be deserving of yet another gift from heaven.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ode to the IUD

I feel the need to share my love of the past birth control I was using. It's funny because I've been asked by so many all sorts of crazy questions concerning them so here's to clearing the air and giving a good name to the IUD. First off, I actually had the copper IUD, the one that lasts for 10 years. I did this because there are absolutely no hormones involved, I mean who needs them anyways? My doctor even warned me ahead of time that getting the copper one meant really painful, heavy periods and she really didn't recommend it. She would have rather given me the Mirena which does have hormones. I basically didn't care, I just did not want the hormones. And guess what, it was totally perfect. I don't know if I should chalk this up to never having really bad periods to begin with, but they didn't change hardly and I was pretty comfortable for the most part. The one difference I noticed was that I could all the sudden tell exactly when I was ovulating, it got a little painful and crampy at times. That only last for 4 or 5 months though and after a while I had to remind myself it was there. If you ask me, that's awesome birth control. The kind that doesn't mess with anything. And different people warned me that when I started trying to get pregnant with #2 I probably wouldn't be ovulating for some time since supposedly IUD's stop ovulation. False, they don't. I got pregnant the first time I ovulated after getting it removed, which was that month. And the insertion and removal is a piece of cake. And the best part is, they are the most effective form of birth control. And when you do want to get pregnant, you get to make that choice and you physically have to go to the doctor and ask for it, which was kinda funny. Can I have sleepless nights, weight gain, leaky boobs, extra stress, oh and...the best gift ever! I guess since Ollie was unexpected, it was funny for us to ask, are we ready for 2 kids!!! Are you ever really ready? Nope. But do you still want it and know it's perfect. Yep. So anyways, if you are in between kids, haven't started or whatever, IUD's are great if you're looking at a few years. Highly recommended. Hmmmm, I think I'll have another put in right after this little babycakes pops out.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The many uses of Cadbury Eggs

I was blowing drying my hair this morning and came out to Ollie doing this. Who knew Cadbury eggs were good for more than just eating? This boy did.

Ryan had a great interview in California this weekend. He drove with a friend from BYU who was also interviewing with the same company. They drove all day Thurs., interviewed all day Friday, like really all day, I didn't hear from him till 8 that night, and then drove back all day Sat. Oh man, he was exhausted. He said they toured all the company's different offices and met with many of the executives. He feels like it went really well and the company will be contacting him in the next few weeks with either an offer or not. There is crazy competition out there. It's insane! They are one of the only companies actually hiring and even so, they are only hiring 4 or 5 guys. There are already tons of guys in California frequenting thier office and getting lots of face time. Being in Utah, we don't get that advantage. But being part of the program here does say a lot. So they get to take their sweet time choosing who they will hire. Ryan was really hoping to come back with an offer and in any other economy he probably would have. So we are hoping for the best. If we get an offer, that will be awesome. If we don't, it just isn't the job for us. It's freezing today, snowing actually. It was 70 on Sat. Who knows. We are almost through our last winter, hoorah! I think I'll make potato soup to turn this cold day into a warm one.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

an avid TLC watcher...and I'm really bored

I'm not sure if anyone else has watched Toddlers and Tiaras, but it is totally insane. I just saw some of an episode and this mom was like yelling at her 4 year old saying "Bigger smile, that smile's terrible. Flirt, I don't see you flirtin". Oh my gosh, are you kidding me. The best part is watching the moms mimick to their girls what they need to do, seriously frightening. Their faces are so overly expressive, you'd think they would break. I'm so glad I don't live in the south, sorry. From the kids I mostly saw total selfishness and vanity, or a total dislike of the whole process, only consenting to thier crazed parents to be left alone. By the way, these little girls fake tan, wear tons of makeup, seriously dance a little provacatively, and they can be as young as 2. It all makes me a little ill.
In other TLC news, if you watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 you're probably like me not believing all these divorce rumors. But I just saw the preview for Mondays show and I guess they talk about all these problems they're having in their marriage. Sad. I remember watching the wedding episode with my sister Leah and Kate said we did this to show our kids that we would never be apart, that their dad and I would always love each other and be there for them. I mean who knows what's happening, but it's got to be hard with all those kids, all this fame, money, and attention. It seems Kate is always away at some function or Jon is doing his own thing. Too much time apart, priorities off. It just shows that you really have to be united as a family and not let all those stupid outside elements get into the importance of your family. Family first people...that's the honest truth.

Friday, March 20, 2009


For some reason this is what I've been calling fetus. So I finally got in to the doctor today to get everything checked out. And truth be told, I really am pregnant, and I heard that little rapid heartbeat to prove it. It was a relief because usually I think of all the worst things that could happen or what if I'm just imagining it all. How pathetic how much I rely on modern medicine to tell me something so obvious:) Tentative due date is scheduled for Sept. 24, which puts me a little over 13 weeks. I already feel a lot bigger. I so wish I were one of those flat chested girls who get pregnant and get these awesome boobs. Nope, mine just get more obnoxious. I have to remind myself that it's a small price to pay...and I can always cut them off after childbirthing years. This pregnancy had been easier than Oliver's for sure. The main symptom is just being so tired, which I'm hoping will start to go away next week. With Ollie, after 14 weeks I was like new, so fingers crossed. My doc said she would get me in early for an ultrasound to find out the sex, probably end of April, so that will definetely be exciting. I am hoping for a girl for Ryan and secretely I am already thinking it's a girl, but a boy would also be a lot of fun for Ollie. Either way, there is nothing like a snuggly soft newborn, I can't wait! I need to get one of those mommy has a baby in her tummy books, poor Oliver won't know what happened to his selfish life. Which reminds me, I was watching Baby Story (surprise surprise) and a mom had just had a baby and she also had a 2 1/2 yr old little girl. Well when they brought the baby home, her little girl kept asking "Who's her mommy and daddy? Where will she live?" As much as those poor parents tried to explain they were the baby's mommy and daddy, it was just coming in one ear and out the other. Is that going to be Oliver, poor kid. If only he knew this was the process to siblings. We'll just chalk it up to the classic, "He'll thank us one day" bit.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dear Housing Fairy...

As we contemplate a job and moving and a place to live, there are a few thoughts and requests I'd like to make concerning a place of residence. The following are "wishes" you could say, please do what you can.
I'd like to NOT live in an apartment.
We (meaning mostly Oliver and I) would LOVE a backyard to run around in.
Along with the backyard, I'd like to have a garden very much, or at least space to make one.
Please can we have a community pool? One of my favorite memories from being a kid in San Diego was our blessed community pool that we'd hit everytime we returned from the beach.
Hmmmm, speaking of beach, that is a must. Really, I'd like to be flexible on this but it's just unnegotiable, sorry. Within 10 miles prefferably. Thank you from us all.
Ideally 3 bed 2 bath, but we can swing 2 bed 2bath, although having that 3rd bedroom for all those guests visiting would be nice. I mean we should be generous and hospitable right?
I will be needing laundry in my house, and that's that.
I would love a kitchen that is welcoming and big enough to want to be there, considering I spend a lot of time in this location.
A park close by would be really useful for a young, active mom such as myself.
A safe, friendly, diverse neighborhood would be wonderful.
Ollie would like to request a ward with some kids to play with.
Since I bike with Oliver to many places, I would love a grocery store, post office, etc. within biking distance to our house.
And all these things being in a price range we can afford. And yes, we don't mean in Texas, more like California. Miracles can happen.
Well that's all that I feel the need to write. I will send these wishes out to the universe in hopes that the housing fairy will see fit to grant us a few requests. I don't really believe in Karma or the Law of Attraction, but I'll pretend for a bit. Can't hurt.

Ollie's 2nd Birthday!

Oliver's cousin Noelle came for his birthday celebration and this is how he thanked her, pretty typical for him. He layed on her like this for probably 5 minutes, and I think she mostly liked it but towards the end she struggled and squirmed to get out from under him. No means NO!
After this they were watching curious george together. Regan and I went to see what they were up to since it was awfully quiet. Ollie was sitting in a seat and Noelle was standing over him patting his head. They are getting to be so funny together.Warm enough to wash our cars outside, that needs to be photographed! Oh bless the warmth.
Ollie loves his birthday present and is getting pretty good, as long as he stands on something to get high enough. He's working up to it, but he's a pretty good shot for 2 foot something.

Here's a video of everyone singing to Ollie and him blowing out his candle. At first he was a little embarrassed, then he was just super excited and ran around the room. What a funny kid. It was so fun to have so many friends and family there, I know it made Ollie feel very loved. Thanks everyone for coming and being so thoughtful. I keep asking him how it feels to be 2 now, but he just rattles off some gibberish that us 26 year olds are too old to understand. Gosh I just love that little boy, he gets better and better.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oliver's birthday response

Ok Grandma, Grandpa, and Chelsea, this one is for you! We got Ollie's response to your birthday video on camera, it was pretty funny. He was very excited and sang the whole time, he sure loves you guys:)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Almost 2

Tomorrow Oliver turns 2, are you kidding me?! It's still hard to believe that I can't really call him a "baby" anymore. He is an absolute boy in most every way and is entering toddlerhood with a lot of excitement. Here are a few of my favorite things about Ollie right now:

- Although he is an ultimate boy, he loves more than anything to snuggle and love. Like when Ryan and I hug or snuggle or kiss, he insists of being apart of it, not because he's jealous, he just genuinely wants to be included.

- He plays electric air guitar when a favorite song is on. Like he seriously gets on his knees and contorts his face all rocker-like.

- He is music crazed. He prefers to have music on all the time. He will go to our player and ask for music and it can't just be any music, he is very particular about the kind he likes. I've never seen such music preferance out of such a little guy. His favorite songs are one from Lars and the Real Girl, which he had us play like 6 times yesterday, luckily it's an amazing song so we don't mind. And the other is High and Dry, which he sings to the top of his lungs to and actually is totally in tune, another funny trait. Along with this music craze, he sings very loudly at church when we sing hymns, it's one of my favorite things. Singing and good taste in music, he comes from some good genes:)

- He is totally reckless which I have to admit I sort of love. He is rarely scared to do anything. We'll be at the playground and he will try to just jump straight off an edge, like it's not high at all. Needless to say, I'm not the mom that sits and watches much at the park.

- He's all about bikes, skateboards, anything with wheels and tries anything that looks remotely dangerous. And when he falls, he gets right back up to try again.

- Sometimes when Ryan and I are sitting next to each other, he gets between us and puts an arm around both our necks and then squeezes us together, like saying, I just love these guys.

- He follows kids anywhere we are, and just laughs and laughs at them, just wanting to be apart of the group.

- He is really sensitive which I also love, cause he still needs his mom to give him loves and snuggles.

- He is super independent. He'll run off without Ryan or I and not look back.

- If anything sad happens or someone is crying, he just gets this look on his face and says "sad" and wants to comfort them.

- He is really passionate, whether it's extreme happiness, or total dissapointment, he does not hide his emotions.
- He is super goofy and has a great sense of humor. Obviously Ryan and I are really hilarious cause he is laughing at us all the time.

- He's really good at being left like at nursery or childcare at the gym.

- He hardly ever causes a scene and is not a whiner, which I'm really grateful for. Luckily when things get hairy, he is easy to distract.

-He is happy about everything. He dances all the time, runs laps around the house just cause he feels like it. He randomly gets the best looks on his face. He really had the best facial expressions, they make me laugh everyday. We hear him from the room over cracking up in laughter watching one of his favorite shows.

-He never sits still. Sometimes this is not good, like at church. Mostly it's just funny and it always keeps us on our toes.

Two years ago today I went into labor tonight, headed to the hospital and had our little boy. His moment of birth was kinda funny cause Ryan and I were both like, who does he belong to! I have to say, he was an amazingly gorgeous newborn, and that's rare. I was totally in awe of him. I remember that my face actually hurt from smiling so much. I had this sudden awareness that my life would never be the same. Even compared to Ryan, I knew being a mom was totally a different gig than being a dad, and boy has it been. Life has been an adventure and I can't wait to see what kind of little man he will continue to grow into. I'm going to attempt a curious george cake, most likely it will be really scary looking, but we'll eat it after all so who cares. We're going to purchase a basketball hoop tonight which he will totally freak out about, I can't wait to see his face when he opens it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Best cookies on the planet

So after selfishly keeping these cookies a secret since their discovery at Wholefoods, I've decided to let the good word out to help the wonderful folks of Back to Nature in my almost home town of Pasadena. These cookies truly are so wonderful and made from the best ingredients. Yeah they are at a health food store, but these are what I call fake health food, because they're just too good. I have found them here in Utah at almost any health store so I don't think they are that hard to find. They are usually on sale also, about $2.50 a box, which if you're buying girl scout cookies, you're getting ripped off. And by the way, this company makes not only great cookies but pretty much everything else I have tried is amazing. Below is proof that they are just that good. Happy cookie eating to you all and let me know if you think they are as wonderful as I do. These are my two favorite varieties although they make choc chip also I think. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nemo and other business

We haven't been up to a whole lot lately, therefore I'm posting a random video from FHE the other night. Ryan was making Nemo with playdo and Ollie was real excited. Then as soon as he got it, Nemo was cut into many small pieces. And upon realizing what he had done, he was very concerned and sad for Nemo's destroyed body. It was re-built a few times and then finally given up on. Playdo is just too fun to destroy. Everytime Ollie would get something in his hands, his hands would shake out of force trying to annihalate whatever it was.

In other news, Ryan is heading to California next weekend for an interview, wahooooo! We are hoping and praying that it goes really well. What a scary and exciting time. It's funny because we always talked about all these job offers coming in upon graduation, that is before the economy crashed. We always thought we'd have tons of options and choice. It's humbling now to hope for just one. Hopes are still very high and we're confident that we'll be taken care of. This is such a lesson I think. You know, kids our age think so much of the time that they can have what their parents have in no time, that things will just come easily. We all forget the work and time that went into having success. Hopefully this will teach us to never be wasteful or foolish with what we have. I don't feel like I'm careless with money at all. I've always felt very strongly that money should not control you, either by being to careless with it or too careful, either way you're giving it too much power. But something I'm not always prepared for is emergency money, in case something were to ever happen. Granted, it's a little hard to have a stash of emergency money when you're going to school and essentially living from paycheck to paycheck. But this has all taught me that once we do have a solid salary, it is so important to save and be prepared. I feel like we've got this advantage throughout our life to be smart. We can always look back at this time and say, hey remember when...? I think it's a huge wakeup call.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

OSSO needs volunteers, get the word out!

OSSO is a non-profit that works in Ecuador in various orphanages. I went several years ago and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, totally unforgettable. They are in major need of volunteers right now because less and less people are able to raise the money to go. If they can't get volunteers they might have to close down their orphanage or cut off funds to the orphanages they foster, since a huge part of the volunteer fee goes straight to the orphanages. When I went, I was able to raise more than half the money I needed to go, but it's just not happening right now with everyone feeling the pinch of money. If you know anyone who is looking for this kind of experience and they have the money to spare, please let them know. You can contact them at, or give them a call at 208-359-1767. It is so perfect for a college semester, right after graduation, or before college. The time frames vary from 2 weeks to 2 1/2 months and the cost varies also, just check the website I would LOVE to go again, hopefully someday:)


My mom, me, and Chelsea took Ollie to the park one day. We were all dying watching his basketball skills, it just had to be documented. I love that he shoots it, just hoping that maybe it was enough. The whole thing was hilarious, I wish I had got more of it on video.

Arizona College Reunion

Ollie and Cash kickin it by the pool.
Magen lives in Texas so therefore I see her, like never, so it was wonderful to see her. Love you Mags, and thanks for flying across the country.
Ollie and Magen splashing together.
The momma's with their boys.

It's just hysterical to see their little bodies on something so big. Their feet dangling is by far the best part. This was at the petting zoo.

Mags, Kris, Me, and Mary. We wish everyone could have come!

This might be one of my favorite pictures of all time. Look at all of their faces!

Another tractor shot.

Why do I make him do this? Cause it's cute and a little funny.

Boys just wanna have fun.
I got to see my favorite cousin Andrea and her sweet kids. Here's a funny picture I got of them together. You people need to move to California, I miss you already.
Chelsea painted Ollie's toes because when she was doing hers, he said "me, me, me?" You can't resist that. I personally think it's adorable.
Kris, thanks so much for letting us crash your place, especially with kids. It was so fun and I am already planning the next reunion when Brookie gets back, love you girls!

Exploring the Lot

My parents are building a house in La Canada basically on the side of a mountain, so it's been interesting to go there and see the progress. Ollie goes up there and gets right to work, digging and picking up trash. He is such a help. We went up there just before we left California.
Chelsea is trying to hoist Oliver up the mountainside, and of course he goes off running for every cliff. So much to explore.
Here is the view from what will be the pool I think. Not too shabby.
Ollie cheesing it up on his big man machine.
In a little boys heaven.
Mom, can I get one of these!
The biggest shovel there ever was.

A few more Knott's pictures

Mom and boy. Thought his face was kind of hilarious in this picture.
I love his lips so much. We were in the hot air ballon ride and he was totally amazed.
Snoopy was a little frightening for Ollie. He was clutching onto Chelsea for dear life.

An early birthday celebration

We had an early birthday for Ollie at the Facer's house. Here he is blowing out the candles.

The gang: Burnett, Jeff, Jill, Jon, Me, and Ollie. Nita was taking the picture.

You gotta love the "ohhh" face when opening presents.

And really, there's no cooler present than skating with his uncles. Jon's helping him get his stance just right.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This is what I've felt like Ollie and I have been the last month. I am definitely ready to rejoin my husband, it's just way too long to be apart. So the competition in Hawaii went awesome. Ryan said they totally rocked their presentation and really couldn't have done better. They ended up with a third place finish, which out of the nation, is pretty freaking good. And considering that a lot of the final 5 got to go visit the project in person which probably gave them quite the advantage. Ryan is sure more than ever that we need to live in Hawaii. He had a job interview there and met with a company that he really likes. They basically said we love you, and IF we were hiring, it'd be you. Hmmmm, IF we were hiring, that's starting to sound familiar. I hate a failing economy, anyone with me? Somehow though, I've always felt that even through all this, we will be absolutely fine. Ryan is utterly capable of anything and that reassures me. He does have a promising company based in Southern California that's been pretty interested in him so we'll see if an offer comes through. We drove back from Arizona today which was slightly torturous for many reasons but the good news is we're back in CA and flying back to Utah tomorrow morning, hallelujah! Not so much the Utah part, but my bed and husband, and those two things mixed. I have tons of pictures needing posting and I'll get them up when I'm back. Ps just admit some of you saw the Bachelor last night. Despicable...honestly, worst tv I've even seen. I hope Melissa got some sort of huge payment for letting that show embarrass her and I hope Jason and Molly break up. Only because it was shameful the way it went down, shame on them all, especially the show. I know the show is ridiculous but most of the time its really fun to watch. Not last night though, I felt sick.