Monday, March 28, 2011

More fun with the family

My lover boy

Oliver was so sweet and gentle with these little animals. He talked so softly to them and just wanted to take one home. It was so cute
Noelle and Oliver could have sat and played all day with the animals.
Carson holding Ami. These two are cut from the same mold. They could easily be brother and sister. Cute, that's all there is to it.

Laura's home!!!

Back together again!!! Laura came home Saturday morning after 2 hours of waiting for her at the airport. We could hardly wait to see her and give her a huge hug. I got the first hug, I just couldn't help myself when I saw her walk out. It has been the best thing ever having her home and we celebrated the whole family being together by going to Disneyland on Monday.

The excitement on the tram ride. This was Ami's first time when she could actually get excited about Dland. She still didn't know what exactly was going on but she knew it was good

Doesn't Laura look like such a Korean fashion diva? She wins the best dressed return missionary award.
Annie, Gage, Mom, and Laura
Brian being such a cute daddy with baby Adam.
The jungle cruise ride. Usually this ride is the one you do cause there's always no line. This was the craziest day I'd ever seen and the wait for this ride was still like an hour. Insanity
I LOVE this baby. You can just tell he is going to have the funniest little personality. He snuggles with me every time I hold him. I love his cute momma too:)
Ollie and Ryan keeping each other entertained waiting in line.
and they lived happily ever after...
Can you tell these two were meant for each other. I had Amelie within days of Laura leaving. It was really hard for me not to have her there for Amelie's first 18 months. Catch up time:)
Ollie's fave rocket ship ride
The only place you pay to get stuck in traffic and you're happy to do it
Tea cups. I have to sit out on this one or I'll be sick the rest of the day. I remember when I was a little kid and loved this ride. Motion sickness is for oldies.
Disneyland fun for young and old. And as we like to say, the second happiest place on earth...

Ollie's 4th birthday party

Check it...can you taste the excitement!
Ollie got a view of the bouncy house..excitement escalated
Ollie picked out a power ranger house because he said it "was for boys". He's never seen it but why would that matter. It just looks super cool.
Ami and Papa sharing a juice box
The gang of jumpers! Ollie had so many cute friends come to his party and we're so grateful to have so many people to love our little Oliver. And the best part was that a ton of my family flew in for Laura's homecoming for the next day so he got to have lots of cousins there. Parties are the best.

A seriously good idea

I had a grand idea one night to lie our sleeping mats on the stairs to see just how much speed we could get going down the stairs. Well, it did not disappoint:) This reminds me so much of

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our baby boy is 4!!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Ollie boy! You are 4 years old and we can hardly believe it. I can still see your chubby little body with your tan skin and dark hair on the first day you were born. I remember wanting you to stay small so I could soak in every minute of you. Little did I know each stage past that would be just as fun. I love that you're becoming your own little person. You are very compassionate and extremely sensitive to others feelings. You want to be everyone's friend and I have never seen you exclude others from play. Whenever you're watching a show and someone is sad or gets picked on, you literally well up in tears sometimes, it's the cutest thing ever. I love that every morning you ask where Dad is and when I say work, you say "but he wants to be here!"

You love your little sister and try your best to make her laugh when she is crying or pick her up when she is running towards the street. You two are good pals and you do a great job sharing with her even when it's hard having a baby around messing up your stuff. Ami thinks you are the coolest.

I love that when I get you dressed in the morning you ask, "where are we going". You're always up for an adventure and looking forward to the next thing. The world is so ready for you. You are a very good listener. When we walk through a store and you want something but mom says no, you just say ok in a very sad tone but walk away, usually, with no questions asked. You love your friends and regularly include the list of them in your prayers.

I love your little boy body and how it jumps and kicks and karates anything in sight. You are a boy through and through and a bit of a rascal which I love. I always told Dad that I wanted kids a bit rascally so they had some good personality and boy I sure got my wish. I love that you're my little twin in personality and looks. Sometimes I wish that we could have been friends when I was four. I bet we would have really gotten along.

I love that you have a tender spirit and already have reverence for things. Whenever I point out a beautiful sunset or sky to you, you say, "yeah mom, its like Jesus".

I couldn't have imagined a more perfect little guy for our family and I am grateful every day for your loving heart and sweet, round face. I love you.

Here's Dad's birthday note:

Feliz cumpleanos hijo! I truly can’t believe that my little Ollie boy is 4 YEARS OLD! Ollie is pure joy in our family. He is the most enthusiastic and happy of boys. He is always happy to see you and will give you a “King’s Welcome” as Papa calls it when you walk through the door. Ollie has an un-paralleled ability to put a smile on your face. I love that Ollie is already so excited to do whatever is going on; a great quality which will definitely draw people to him.

Ollie is a people lover. He always wants to make friends at the park and wants to include everyone. I love how compassionate and sensitive Ollie is (a trait destined to be in-grained into every part of his being as the offspring of Becky Kelley and Ryan Facer). This gift will be one of the greatest blessings of his life as it will allow him to be perceptive and receptive to the spirit.

I love that Ollie is a peace-maker. Even at 4 years old and as active as he can be, Ollie has a way to bring peace back. Sometimes when I’m getting frustrated Ollie will look at me and say, “Dadda, dont be mad. Let’s snuggle”. And without fail it calms me down and brings peace back to the room. Seriously, what maturity for a 4 year old to be able to help his Dadda regain his composure.

Oliver is sooo talented. First and fore-most his artistic talent already exceeds my own; literally. He can ride his bike, skateboard, swim, surf behind the boat and in the ocean with me, play baseball, soccer, and so much more.

I could go on and on about Ollie. I love him so much. I’m glad he was born 4 years ago and that he is sealed to our family for time and eternity. I don’t know what I would do without him. Te quiero mucho mi hijo!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Destro Cat

Ok so I've seriously dropped the ball on blogging, I admit it. Just no motivation folks, sorry. But my dad did send me this pic from our trip to see Leah for Luke's blessing (pics to come). When I saw this cat I literally gasped. I mean I couldn't even believe my eyes. The picture does not do it justice but this was the most enormous cat I had ever seen. This is what happens when a dog and cat mate, or a cat lives by a nuclear power plant and morphs into something crazy. The best part was, it totally acted like a dog. It was not snotty or rude like cats usually are. It would have climbed in your lap or even sat in one of those lame dog purses people carry around. Secretely (or not so much) I hate cats but I would have taken this cat home. Awesome, just plain and simple.