Tuesday, December 18, 2007


So I apologize for the internet Christmas card but basically I had the intention of doing a card for the past month but some things just don't happen, oh well:) But we had a wonderful year, full of love as always! Ryan and I every day are amazed at how lucky we are, could we be any more perfect for each other? Life just isn't that complicated when you know you love each other, anything that comes along, you know you can handle it no problem.

And our little addition keeps us laughing and loving more than we ever thought we could. Oliver just hit 9 months which is so bizarre because it's all just going too fast, where did my little baby go?! He is getting so big and doing so many new things each day. But don't worry he still needs mommy lots, and is very vocal about it:) Ryan is about 2 years away from his degree in Construction Management, yay! He is such a hard worker and also so dedicted to his family. It's hard to juggle so much but he does it beautifully. Seriously this time in life is so priceless. We feel very blessed.

Here is a little Christmas message from Oliver. Aren't chubby babies is Santa suits the best! He totally reminds me of my brother Brian when he was a baby and we put him in a santa suit. We are so thankful for our family and friends and wish everyone a beautiful holiday season.

wakie wakie

Well I was trying to get a pic of Ollie sleeping but then he woke up when the camera beeped, still thought it was cute. But then he was mad I woke him up, ah well, one day he'll thank me for such cute pictures.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter wonderland

Sleeping boys on the way back from Boise. We went this weekend to see our favorites the Johnson's and had SO much fun as always. Ollie got pretty sick which wasn't very fun but it was still very worth the trip, we love you guys!

Ollie and Cash lounging around at Costco, in front of the big screen TV's, typical boys:)

So the day after our saddest snowman post, we had a serious DOWNPOUR of snow. It was really a lot and it came down all day. Ryan was seriously amazed, he kept looking out the window wondering where all of it was coming from. My time in Rexburg made me a little less amazed, but it was still fun to see all those puffy massive snowflakes.

Look at that face. He was like " What IS that?"

This is Ollie's favorite place to hang out while mom gets ready in the morning. He will just lay down in there and put his head on a towel and play with whatever random bathroom accessory I choose to give him that morning, depending on his interest. Usually it is my compact mirror, or a toothbrush. The other morning unfortunately he decided to play with the handles and needless to say, we had to change that outfit. But it was so worth it to see his reaction:)

Friday, December 7, 2007

The saddest snowman there ever was

All that is left of our once thriving snowman. So it was raining all night and all day today which is basically amazing cause seriously why isn't the rain snow. On our front yard all the snow is gone and there is just this sad pile of snow that is melting by the minute. The funny thing is, we put on a carrot as his nose and as he started melting people kept trying to save his face by replacing the carrot as it fell out. So sorry snowman, it's 43 degrees, just not snowman weather. Maybe next week:)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Break Dancing Baby

So if you haven't seen this little kid breakdancing, you really need to! It is so great. Anyways, click the top frame under the Break it Down youtube column and watch, I promise you will love it. We are going to show Oliver this video as he gets a little older and hopefully he'll learn a few moves.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


So a couple times now I've tried to put up a poll to see what everyone's views are about the various presidential candidates, and who you're thinking of voting for. So each time I try, for some reason it re-directs my page and won't work. But the minute I take the poll off, it works. Hmmmmm, I wonder what forces are at work here?

Saturday, December 1, 2007

First Snowfall

It finally snowed today! We woke up this morning to a yard full of delicious snow to play in and explore. So this is Olivers first real experience with snow. It snowed after he was born but he was a little out of it in those days.
Aaron and Meg gave us this snow suit and it is hilarious. Oliver was totally the kid from A Christmas Story. Please just look at that kid, he can hardly move! He was nice and toasty warm. And we watched Ryan from inside as our friendly neighborhood snowman made an appearance.
We are excited about the snow but we understand that the excitement may not last for long:) So we are enjoying it while we can and are sooooo thankful that it hasn't come until now, it makes winter seem a little shorter. It's so fun to have a white Christmas. We need to go get a sled asap and hit the slopes.
My favorite part about snow is that there really are snowflakes, just like the ones you cut out in kindergarten, but just miniature. Everyone else may know this but I vividly remember when I was at school at BYU-I and I was with my friend Brooke and we discovered this. It was quite the scene, and we proceeded to tell everyone around us and at our dismay it seemed we were the last to find out:) Typical Californian's, I know. But we were seriously amazed.