Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Think Blue

Last night we got to go to a Dodgers game against Colorado with my parents, and let me tell you, our seats were amazing (thank you Devore's). We debated taking Oliver, after all he does have a Dodger's jersey grandma got for him, but then decided agaisnt it cause it would have been so late. It was seriously a lot of fun and now I guess we are officially L.A. residents. The weather was so perfect and we caught a gorgeous sunset too. Did I mention I love living in California?? Did I also mention my belly is getting large and in charge these days..note the picture below. Let's also talk about the fact that I have 3, count it, 3 months left, summer months no less. I remember perfect strangers saying at the end of my pregnancy with Oliver that I looked really uncomfortable (which I actually wasn't). I'm pretty sure I'll be getting those comments in about a month.

A birthday surprise

So I had quite the little birthday surprise planned for Ryan this year. He knew I had made reservations somewhere along the coast for a night but just didn't know exactly where. So we dropped off Ollie at the Facer grandparents house and I got in the drivers seat and drove. It was fun to have him guessing the whole way. When we pulled off in Santa Monica to take the PCH up he was sure we were staying in Malibu. Then when I passed Malibu he was sure it was Ventura. When I passed C street he knew it was Santa Barbara. We stayed at the cutest place by the beach that had bikes to use, wine and cheese (mostly cheese:), milk and cookies in the evening, and a hot tub all to ourselves. It was so nice. They even put a bottle of Martinelli's in our room with a birthday card. We had dinner on the pier and basked in the beauty of Santa Barbara. It is totally La Canada on the beach. We knew that's all La Canada was missing these years. The best part about surprising Ryan is that he gets so excited about everything. I think I might have to do this every year. He is the sweetest, cutest birthday boy there is!

The Happiest Place on Earth

Of course we just HAD to get Ollie a Mickey Hat with his name stitched on the back. Coupled with his shirt, this kid was made for Disneyland. Too bad his hat was like 14 bucks and his shirt from Savers 2.
The very first and last ride we went on. The entire rest of the day and then some, we heard "rocket ship!" By far the favorite.
We went through Mickey's house and didn't even realize at the end we'd meet Mickey. It was worth the wait in line to see Ollie get so excited. Plus he got to show off his twinners hat to his new bestie.
A classic...the Dumbo ride.
The castle of course.
His hat read "dead men tell no tales!!" Amazingly, we got to eat at the Blue Bayou even though they were only taking reservations. They must have known it was Ryan's bday. Ryan had never been but always wanted to go. Disneyland, making dreams come true. This is the restaurant in the middle of Pirates of the Carribean.
This picture turned out very fuzzy but I love it still. Ollie and Ryan went on the teacups 5 times. I was happy to be the camera man for this ride. This might have been a tie to the rocket ship.

By this time Ollie had not taken a nap all day, I mean who can! It was 8:30 and we were all pretty much exhausted. I'm impressed we lasted until 9:30 when we left. Oliver fell asleep approximately2 minutes after getting in his car seat.

We went on Ryan's birthday which was awesome because he was free. He even got to wear a birthday button on his shirt and Ollie and I got to wear "I'm celebrating" buttons. It took the first ride to teach our little Oliver that waiting in line takes a lot of patience. After that he was a pro. I do have to say that if not for the tag teaming powers of a husband and wife combo, this day would not have happened. I was thinking of getting a season pass and just bringing Ollie on my own. Not so much anymore. Ryan took Ollie on some of the shorter rides while I waited in the big lines and then they caught up with me in time to get on. That's pretty much how we survived. Maybe when I'm not almost 7 months pregnant and dealing with a 2 year old, I'll try the solo trip. We are planning on hitting up my birthday in Oct. with baby girlfriend. You just can't pass up a $69 ticket for free. Disneyland, as usual, we love you...

Family Temple Day

The day before we left Provo, we were able to go through the temple with Laura for the first time and almost all of my family was there. I don't think there's a better feeling in the whole world. It was a really fun day and the Salt Lake Temple was gorgeous, I had never been. And in the true Mormon spirit, we went to the Olive Garden afterwards. We got to see my Grandpa Kelley who came down from Logan and tried desperately to get a good picture of Oliver with him. Ollie is not a camera kid.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

We have a tradition in my family that on someone's birthday you write what you love best about them. I love getting to write about my hubby:) And we were just at Disneyland all day and I am exhausted but still wanted to do a little shout out to my one and only on his bday, so I just copied and pasted what I wrote on that email.

This is a little late going out but we were at Disneyland all day...so here it goes. Ryan is absolutely, positively hands down, my most favorite person in the whole world. Ryan has always been someone I trust my whole heart with, even before we ever dated. We are so much alike it's sometimes a little weird. When he isn't with me, I feel at a loss, like I can't really be myself completely. I love him so much more now than the day we got married. He constantly amazes me with his compassion, generosity, and kindness. Ryan is basically the ideal husband, seriously. He is always asking how he can help and better yet never complains about it. He makes anything better just by being there. He LOVES his family. I always know we are #1 in his book and really what more can you ask for. I always think that even if other things in life aren't going as planned, I have a happy, loving marriage and a happy family, and really, that is the most important thing. In large part, that is all because of Ryan. He is the joy of my life and I love him so much. Happy Birthday baby!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Too little too late...

After years of searching for it, we found it, just days before leaving Provo. Really really good pizza. I guess we hadn't been searching very hard considering I drove past it all the time. We went to Ryan's Aunt Amanda's house for dinner and this is what they had. Now we know where to come for Pizza whenever we're in Provo. Do yourself a favor and eat here. These guys should stay in business if you ask me. Oh it's called Nicolitalia Pizza...yum.

In other news, Ryan just left to take his last final tonight. This is the face I saw leaving the house. And might I add, he has been an amazing student even with his wife beckoning the occasional skip of school. This man does not mess around...until now:)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

For some reason I just get on these posting kicks...so there are five below. You're welcome.

Bedtime Photo Sesh

Ryan went and grabbed the camera tonight before bed because bedtime is a love fest around these parts. I hope at some point, everyone in the world can feel this loved.

25 weeks

And I just have to throw in a belly shot right? It is growing. Today was the first day I put on maternity pants and oh man, I love those things. I know people have issues with maternity clothes, but really, the pants are so comfy. I mean you don't have to undo anything to go pee. It can't get much better than that. And if you happen to eat a little too much, they just stretch right there with you. Glorious. I will most likely still be rubber-banding my favorite jeans. The only downside to maternity pants is that they do not stay on. My lack of booty and hips refuse to keep them on, but you work with what you got. The name department is still empty. I think I'm secretly waiting for a dream or a vision or something to reveal her name to me. Maybe we should just kick it Bali style where they name their kids first, second, third and so forth. Not my favorite thing ever but definitely simplifies. Ps don't you love the dark clouds behind me in the pic? We prayed for a summer like this last year and it never came. I'm so glad we get a few rad storms before we leave. It is after all, our most favorite thing about Utah. Thanks for the sendoff.

A farewell dinner with friends

We had a lot of fun hanging out with Nicole, Brent and of course Crash (Oliver's favorite pup).

Ryan with fellow construction management friends, Brent, Ty, and John. We told them all they could join us in California anytime. I think Brent and Nicole are on board, we'll just have to convince the others:)

We LOVE Laura

My darling little sister Laura just got a mission call to South Korea...what! It makes sense that she would go there because she is one smart cookie and has got some major determination. I am so proud of her and of course will miss her A LOT while she is gone. I cannot wait to hear all the juicy details of the mish and possibly live vicariously through her. She is set to go to the MTC a day before my due date so we'll see if we can get this little chick-a-dee on her way to meet her auntie before she leaves. I'm thinking yes...I hope:)

X marks the spot. Actually we were way off but that map is crazy.

Ollie is going to miss these rides, that's for sure. Notice Oliver's clapping, so priceless.


The many faces of swinging. My favorite is Oliver's "please" face asking to get on.

Even the baby swings get major height although underdogs have proven difficult.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


My amazing cousin Andrea took these cute pictures of Ollie while we were in AZ. I wish we had more time to take some more but you work with what you got:) I'm thinking when she comes down in July we'll have to do some belly shots, well, depending on the condition of the belly at that point. She also took some beautiful shots of my sister Leah's baby boy Carson, check her blog out. Can't wait to live closer to you and make plenty of road trips in between...My new wish is to have your camera and especially your skills!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Grandma's Funeral and Family

So I realized that I took literally zero pictures in Arizona which is really sad because it was such a fun trip. Oh I did take a few of Oliver and Carson in the tub and then a video of my cousin flying a helicopter for Ollie which crashed as you can hear from Ollie's little toddler voice. My grandma's funeral was really amazing. My Dad gave her eulogy which was so funny, tender, and interesting. It might be strange to some people to hear so much laughter and see so many smiles at a funeral but that's just what we do. It's nice to know that death is not the end, but actually the beginning of so much more. My grandpa didn't want to say much, obviously, but did end up getting up at the end of the service and thanking everyone for coming and read a really beautiful poem that reminded him of my grandma. He said he didn't want to speak but then he envisioned getting to the heavenly gates and having my grandma greet him with some firm words on why he didn't speak at her funeral:) You just had to know my grandma. All my sisters and I sang "Wind beneath my wings" which was a g-ma favorite and miraculously got through it without crying (that might be a record for the Kelley girls). Her good friend Ron Miyashiro accompanied us on the piano which actually made the song.

I got to see some cousins and relatives I hadn't seen for a while which was so fun. It was quite the whirlwind trip. You always wish that the person who passed could be there to hang out with everyone that came to celebrate their life. Oliver was exhausting as soon as we got to Arizona. Without consistency, that child gets crazy. I was missing Ryan and feeling so tired. When we got back to Utah I was so glad to see his darling face. I was even more glad that we had 2 weeks left until the big move. I love when there's a lot going on, it's so exciting. Staying with my parents will be a wonderful blessing until we figure out what in the world our plans are. I'm glad we have the time to decide:) Now I just need to find a way to stay really busy when I get home waiting for baby girlfriend to arrive.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

You're heaven to me Baby!

Hope this picture takes you back to a better place my sexy-prego baby.

I have to begin this blog by stating this is Ryan posting the blog, not Becky. I've been meaning to do this for a while and now that I'm here by myself in utah, it seems like the perfect time.

As most of you know, jobs have been scarce these days for everyone looking, especially in construction. For the past 15 years or so BYU has placed 100% in the Construction Management program so getting a job has never been a very large concern of mine; until this last semester. Every company I spoke to said the same thing: "We're just not hiring right now and we're not quite sure when we will again." I attended the largest construction career fair in the nation and spoke to over 50 different companies from across the country only to hear the same response; except for one company: C.W. Driver. I was becoming very nervous about not being able to obtain a job. I was becoming extremely fearful of not being able to provide for my family.

Through all of this, Becky was a rock. I can't tell you how much of a comfort she was to me. She always said that she was sure I would get a job and that things would work out. Not once did I ever hear her express fear or doubt. Becky is amazing. I really can't fully explain what Becky did for me. I love my baby and I want everyone to know what a strength she is to me in my life.

Well, it looks like long posts run in the family. p.s. Becky is an amazing packer and has made this whole process of moving so much easier. Open up that Golden Gate! California here we come!

Austin's home!

So I realize it's been a little too long since my last post, very unlike me, sorry. A lot has been going on so let's see...Ryan and I drove down to La Canada last week to welcome Austin (Ryan's brother) home from a mission in Minnesota. I drove one car with Ollie and my sister Laura and Ryan drove our other car with a trailer stuffed with things for the move here. We pretty much took everything in one load, thanks to yours truly being an excellent packer. All but our bed which is still waiting in Utah. Our plan was to leave Sunday back to Utah because Ryan is still in spring term. What's hilarious is that guys in Ryan's major who already have secured jobs have actually left school with just a few classes left, never finishing completely. That is crazy talk, we are finishing.

On Saturday I came over to my house for a visit and right after I got there my dad received a call from his dad is Arizona that his mom had a stroke and was in the hospital on a respirator. So my dad booked a flight that day and was able to spend some time with his mom before she passed away. Grandparent deaths are always so bittersweet because I don't get to see my grandparents very often so I feel a loss when they're gone, but then I always feel happy for them to be able to leave an aging body and return to their heavenly father. Now I wish I would have gone to see my grandma when I was in Arizona last. I actually talked to her fairly recently and asked for pictures of her from her past to enlarge and put in a frame. She sent me some really great pictures. She was always so gorgoeus. I wish I was at home so I could post one up of her. In her letter she told me to have Oliver learn the cello and I will stick to that promise. She was an amazing violin player and has always believed in good music. I remember one time we were visiting and we were listening to Bryan Adams and my grandma was just disgusted that we could listen to that "devil music". She was so funny. Now I know where Ollie gets his love for classical music. Honestly he prefers it over almost anything. She was a very lively, opinionated lady who had a major zest for life. I loved that grandma always had expectations for life and the people around her. She just thought everyone should live up to their best, and that is really good motivation. She requested that the Kelley girls sing "wind beneath my wings", classic.

My mom, Leah, me, Ollie, and Carson will all head to Az tomorrow for the funeral which is on Saturday. It will be so fun to see all of our family and celebrate my grandma's life. I'll fly back to Utah Sunday and basically have about 2 weeks before move out. I'm so glad so much is done already. We can't wait to be here and start a new chapter in our lives. Another baby, possibly a house, a salary and a real job! Being close to both our families is always a major blessing and Oliver is in heaven with all these grandparents to love.

Our weekend at the Facer's was so awesome. Aaron and Meg were able to come before their big move, Jon and Jill and just 10 days old Dane came for the weekend, Austin was home, and Jeff was happy to not be the only one home. All five brothers together was really fun and special to see. When you have five boys and missions, sometimes there are major gaps in the whole family being together. Austin is SUCH a great guy. I am so proud of the great job he did. Sometimes you can just tell who was an awesome missionary and who just did it. Austin was awesome. It was fun for us all to tell him what we learned from him and his mission and then hear his testimony. I love being with the Facer's. It is very easy to feel the spirit and just feel like a family. I always learn something new from everyone when we are there.
I am now 6 months along which is actually totally insane. Like how does that happen all the sudden? The baby girl is moving around all the time now. I can see my tummy jumping all over the place in the afternoon if I'm just relaxing. Leah's little boy Carson is here and just absolutely adorable. Ollie pats his head and totally takes the older brother role with him. Let's hope the same happens when his little sister gets here:)