Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Latest Obsession

Did you know that you can look up apartments in any city in any country on craigslist? Lately I've been an apartment hunter in Hawaii to see what we're dealing with in rental costs but now it has leaked out into Rome, Switzerland, New Zealand, you name it. It makes me feel like these places are actually real, like if I can see pictures of how people live there, I am a little closer to actually being there. I have actually favorited a few apartments on my computer just to look at every so often. I love that the world is so large just waiting to be discovered, and though I haven't seen a lot of it, I know it's there anticipating my arrival:) Here's my latest favorite find in Geneva.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend with the Johnson's

We had the best time this weekend with the Johnson's, we love these people like our own family. If only we lived closer, why can't Boise have an ocean? It was the first time meeting little Marley since she was born and I'm in love with her. Ollie and Cash were totally buddies and just kept each other entertained. Ryan and Ryan plotted their next business investments working on building and landscaping lots, and Mary and I escaped the children for a few hours to do some shopping. And our last night we watched 2...yes...2 movies and stayed up till 1:30, who do we think we are? So here are some cute pics from our glorious time together.

Usually Cash is leading they play and Ollie laughs, such a good pair.
Can you tell they love each other?
Cash and his darling face.
The dog pat, Ollie doesn't mind.
What adventures could possibly be on the other side of this bridge!
The awesome playground in the backyard off craigslist, sweet deal. If I had something like this, my life would change:)
Mom and me on the bridge.
Just look at these boys, ready to conquer the world.
Little Marley Jane
Feeding the ducks
There's nothing better than finger holding.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beware the binky

So something very unusual has happened. Oliver, much to our dismay, as a baby NEVER took binky's. So basically they've just been lying around the house in different toy baskets and such. So anyways, a couple weeks ago, Ollie just started picking them up and trying them out. At first, we totally freaked out cause it was just so darling to see him be a baby. So I think he must have thought, wow this gets me a lot of attention, I'll keep it up. Well, now he actually loves it and does not want to put it down. Stupid binky's. Now I know why all you parents give out the binky's, they are so convenient! Making noise, pop, quiet, it is so nice. I think parents are more pacified by them than even the kids:) Since Ollie is at an important speech stage I refuse to let the binky win, so we are going through the house today and finding them and saving them for when there is an actual "baby" in the house, sorry Ollie. So this doesn't mean that on certain occasions, like when I might lose it, I will pull out an emergency fix. Cause, man, now I know why I want to have a binky baby next, they sure are quiet! But a binky toddler? Nice try.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Best package ever!

My mom really outdid herself this time. She sent us a flu and cold season package that is seriously the best. And considering that Ryan and I were sick two days ago, it is just in time. I HATE that when the cold comes, with it comes runny nose children, coughing, fevers. Until you have children you will never understand just how annoying the cold season is. Because if they're sick, you never rest. And if you're sick, you definitely never rest. Basically last year I got to the point that if I saw a child with a runny nose, I seriously ran like the plague. It's just not fair to be sick for 5 months, like Ollie was last year. Please immune systems, work with us this season, do your job, protect us, or we'll be forced to get rid of you for good. Mom, you're the best. Oh and of course thanks for my favorite treat from Trader Joes, yum yum! I wrote them online requesting that they build a store in Utah, doubt that will ever happen:(

Just had to include a video of our dance party this afternoon. On probably a daily basis, sometime during the day, we have ourselves a good dance, Oliver loves it. He usually gets fancier with his footwork but you get the gist. David Gray doesn't bust out crazy techno beats so you work with what you have:)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ask me what I ate for breakfast

2 eggo waffles with peanut butter and syrup
1 hard boiled egg
2 slices of canadian bacon
and whatever other remnants I could find hidden in my high chair

Monday, September 15, 2008


Where I work we have some pretty serious wind so we have this parachute that the kids love to play with. The children are literally almost lifted off their feet, it's so funny. Ollie was loving the chaos, just look at that cheeseball.

Fire fire fire!!!

This weekend we went with some friends up to the freezing mountains for a bonfire, some dogs, and good music, provided by Ryan of course. Well Oliver never knew what he was missing this whole time, ahhh the wonders of fire. All the boys taught him how to build a boyscout regulation tp. As you can see he kept attempting to throw in huge sticks, thus risking the integrity of the tp structure and probably all of our lives. What have we started. By the way, I love bonfires. Can't help but think of my semester in Hawaii and the many Rexburg fires. Remeber those nights girls...I know you do:) New goal: to do 2 bonfires a month next summer, who's in!

India Fest

So there is an Indian Temple in Spanish Fork, who knew right? Well if you know me, you know I have this little infatuation with everything India so this was a treat. My favorite parts were the elephant statue I want to secretly go back and steal and the dancer, she was sexy and beautiful. There was a plethora of random animals consisting of cows, parrots, llama's, and coi fish. Oliver was only interested in this part of the festival, ohhhh and the amazing juice that they must have spiked, it was so amazing. The ad for the fest said you wouldn't even know you weren't in India. Nice try Spanish Fork, but all in all, it was a good time.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Love them

FYI, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are back together, so I hear. I love them together. They are two of my favorite people to watch and they just seem darling together. And being a connoisseur of good kisses, these two take the cake.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One last HOORAH!

I can't believe I actually grew this from a seed. You gotta love Sunflowers.
My poor premature pumpkin who will probably never see his days as a Jack-O-Lantern.
And the corn that I really do intend on eating but everytime I see it ants are on it and I get creeped out.

So considering the cold is coming and my garden will probably be dunzo in a matter of weeks, let's review what I learned about gardening. 1) Plant earlier, even if you can't because frost doesn't leave when it should, just do it. 2) Plant stuff further apart than you think they need to be. 3) Put in totally new, yummy soil, or else the weeds will always win. 4) Kill ALL bugs, even if you must use pesticide. I'd rather actually have stuff to eat than feed it to all the neighborhood slugs, rollypolly's, ants, and so on. 5) Make peace with my fear of bees or we will never be able to live in peace together, thus sacrificing my garden to loneliness and defeat. 6) Garden Jalapenos are something I should never even try to eat let alone lick. Ryan Facer is the only person on the earth who is allowed to eat these safely.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why can't we be friends?

Oliver has made some really good friends here in Provo, problem is he sees their friendship a little differently than they do. My family has a cat at home and Ollie LOVES that cat and obviously thinks all cats will play and love him too. Actually although he totally abused my parents Cat at home, that thing still loved him, knowing he would always give her constant attention, even if it came in pulls and throws. There are three stray Cats that we like to feed our scrap food to. I set the food by this little fence with an opening they always come through. Well, like mom like son. When Ollie sees the cats he looks at me like where's their food mom? So he stands by the fence and throws food for them and they get scared and run. So he figures they left and turns sadly to go, only to find as he's leaving, they're coming back. So this cycle goes on for quite some time. I think they might be warming up to him. We'll see if they can ever be friends. Good luck Oliver:)

The best part about storms?

but especially hoodies and afternoon naps

Monday, September 8, 2008

the PLAYground

So does anyone else think that the playground is madness?? I have come to analyze the playground on a daily basis considering Oliver and I are there like everyday. Basically my thing is that kids should be able to play at the "play"ground. Like if he roams up and down the slide, fine he is playing and exploring. Some moms may say, slides are for sliding down, but why? Safety, I know I know, but sometimes sliding down is more dangerous:) Why does there have to be rules! A lot of moms are just constantly barking orders and warnings at their kids. Ok so I know there should be an element of teaching and safety for kids, but it doesn't have to be always. Kids need to be kids, and this means learning through play. In the parenting class we teach this method called "Child's Game". Essentially it's the idea that the kid is not controlled in their play at all. You as a parent just sit and watch, not instructing or directing the play. Kids just get to play without being taught. In fact, kids will start to direct you in their play. I have seen some moms totally lose it when their kid pushes another kid or tries to take a toy. Like sometimes I feel like if I'm not freaking out other moms are like did you just see what your child just did?! Actually Oliver usually is being picked on more than doing the picking, but even then, I know that kid is just being a kid and Oliver will probably turn right around and do the same. I played with some of Ryan's little cousins last night for like 2 hours and I just realized why I love kids so much. They are so quick to love, like as soon as they started trusting me they start holding my hand or wanting to be held. They are so honest, they don't care how things may seem, things just are. These are the kind of people I can appreciate. I love the honesty and vulnerability of kids. Aren't they just the best! And I love to rediscover how creative I can be and how fun imagining is. So anyway, my lesson today is that I always remember to let my kids be kids, and not always direct or control, although there are times I will need to teach, it doesn't have to be all the time. Here's to playing!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Weekend with the Winsteads

So this past weekend my sister Regan, her husband Pete, and thier little girl Noelle came for a visit from SLC for the labor day weekend. Of course this weekend excursion had to include a trip to the nickelcade. How is it that you can spend like 20 bucks at the nickelcade and come out with a laffy taffy and some friendship bracelets and you feel like you won the lottery? So worth it. and Oliver loved DDR, Ryan's worst nightmare:) We also paid a visit to Bridal Veil Falls which is so cool and one of the perks of living in Provo. There was a huge thunder storm while we were up there, my favorite thing ever. It was the most glorious day. Noelle and Oliver were a little apprehensive by just how big the waterfall looked but they loved it, even in the freezing cold water. Kids are so funny. If there's something cool enough going on, they don't even have time to pay attention to stuff like that. Oliver is officially obsessed with Noelle. Everytime she's around he insists on putting his arms around her and holding on, even if that means going down with her while she's trying to escape his grasp. He definetely has no concept of personal space, it was very sweet and funny to watch. I'm so glad my family will have all these little cousins who love each other, how fun. Anyways we love the Winsteads and will take full advantage of them being close this year cause who knows where we'll all be in a few years, sad:( So here's a few pics from the weekend, enjoy!