Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Amelie starts Joyschool

Amelie started joyschool today!  We had it at our house first which was pretty fun.
Our schoolmates are Averie, Kate, Juliette, Maggie, and Houston
Our theme was ALL ABOUT ME!   

End of the summer Disneyland trip!

 I told Amelie and Oliver that they could pick out something special from Disneyland and Ami found these princess ears.  She was SO excited and has been wearing them constantly.
 Some of our little group.  We went with my friend Brittney and her kids, and Andrea and her kids.  Brittney has some great hookups with Disney (her hubby works for Disney) and so she got us in for free, which was such a treat considering we never go because it's so expensive.  What a treat!

 It was literally over 100 degrees that day.  We probably picked the hottest day of the year to go but at least the crowds were smaller because nobody wanted to brave the heat.  We were sweating bullets all day, especially my Nora girl.  She was such a trooper and just hung out the whole day, occasionally taking a nap in her stroller. 
 My little princess
 Small world!
 Nora trying to take it all in
 We really loved a small world, especially the Hawaii section
 Cute Andrea and Mara

 The parade started just as we were getting off the ride
 One of my kids favorite movies the Three Caballeros
 Nora in all her chubbiness checking things out
Ollie got to sword fight with Captain Hook

Nora 4 months

Our little Nora bean is 4 months old now!  She is getting to be so much fun around here.  I love 4 months because babies really start to pay attention to everything and everyone around them.  She loves to watch Oliver and Ami play and I often ask them to "babysit" Nora while I take a shower or try and get something done.  Oliver is her seatmate in the car and constantly talks to her, sings to her, and gives her a binkie if she gets sad.  She has been rolling over for a while now.  She's a very physical girl, always arching her back and trying to crawl and reach for things.  She's a happy baby and smiles at everyone.  I think she's about 14 pounds, our smallest baby yet, although she's got some good rolls to show for all her eating.  She talks all the time, constantly telling us all about what she thinks about life.  She is known for her chubby cheeks and big eyes.  It's always the first thing people notice.  She also has some very red hair right now.  We're not sure if it will stick around or not, considering Oliver and Amelie both had reddish hair for a bit.  Her eyes still haven't gotten their color yet, I am guessing green or brown at this point but it changes everyday.  She is not napping very well these days with the craziness of running the other two around.  She usually wakes up twice a night but goes back down quickly.  She is still sleeping in our closet because it's quiet and dark and it seems to be working fine for now, although she has a room if she needs it.  She is not shy to let everyone know if she's unhappy.  She likes to play and is getting very ticklish.  She's recently discovered blowing bubbles and cant get enough of that new trick.  She is so much fun.  We love having her in our family.