Thursday, June 23, 2011

Love this one

It's Ryan's birthday tomorrow and I knew I wouldn't get the chance to write a few birthday notes to him with the festivities of the day.

I prefer Ryan's company to anyone else's.

I am in constant giggles sometimes when he's around. He can be really really funny.

Ryan has a tender heart just like mine.

Ryan doesn't mind being vulnerable or embarrasing himself. He doesn't let pride get in the way.

Ryan is a hard worker and is always looking to help. He doesn't even keep mental notes of who owes who like I sometimes do. You know us girls do that. Like if I watch the kids while he surfs then he owes me something, right? Well Ryan is too good for a point system. I need to work on that.

Ryan is the priest advisor at church and those boys love him. Ryan has this ability to make you see all the good in yourself and buy into the possibility that you are capable of anything. He really knows how to love people and follow through.

He has an awesome body without even trying.

Ryan has amazing faith. I am very strong and stubborn but when Ryan tells me he has faith in something, it is so easy to put all my trust in him. I know he will always put the right things first in his life.

He encourages me to do the things I love. He is always so supportive when I have to meet with clients, even when a whole week goes by and we haven't spent an evening together. He works out everything when I'm at a birth for days. And he is so happy and proud of me when I get home.

He reminds me constantly about what being in love is all about.

I pray every night and thank God for Ryan in my life. My life would be so different without him. He brings all the goodness and love into my life and I am so thankful he chooses to be with me everyday. Love you forever and always.