Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Akamai means Smart

We finally got around to taking some pics of us with our Smart reunion shirts on and the pics were just too funny not to post.  Plus anytime I actually remember to take pictures, I need to blog it because I feel like I'm forgetting a lot these days.  We also learned that our street name Akamai means "smart" in Hawaiian.  Who knew?!  Our little home was meant to be:) 

Ollie is still hitting the books hard at school.  Well as much as a kindergartner can.  His teacher seems very patient and consistent which is great for Ollie considering he's got a lot of energy and can be emotional too.  It's an adjustment for sure but I'm hoping after this second week, things will start to go smoother.  We started a sticker chart for improving behavior and listening at school so he is working up to taking Karate lessons.  She did mention that his art was above and beyond anyone in class and that it's very hard to rush him when he's not done.  I can imagine:)  I love that little boy so much and miss him a lot, wondering what he's doing at school, who he's making friends with, and if he's being a good example.  His best friend so far is this little boy Hunter who is so sweet and they are currently fighting over the affections of a little girl named Lily.  Seriously.  Oliver has told me about this "beautiful" girl in his class and then proclaimed he would marry her one day.  Oh boy.  Then Hunter told me the same thing.  Today when I picked Ollie up, he said that Lily told him she would marry him.  He was pretty stoked.  I bet Lily is telling Hunter the same and playing the field.  Smart girl.   It's still early on and she's gotta have options:) 

Amelie is my sweet little buddy during the day.  We pretty much do all the same stuff we did before but just on a more laid back basis.  Ami is more of an independent player than Ollie and is pretty content, where Ollie would be telling me he is bored and what next.  We grabbed a slice of pizza today for lunch and I could tell she was thinking, I could get used to this.  She keeps saying, "I love you mom" and wrapping her chubby arms around me.  I can't resist that girl.  She is out of control.  She is starting ballet class tomorrow which she is thrilled about.  Pictures soon to come I'm sure.  They even have a recital.  I will die.  Next week she is starting joyschool that I'm doing with some several friends.  I'm hoping to volunteer in Ollie's class while Ami is at school a couple hours a week.  

Ryan is as amazing as ever.  Seriously there is nothing that man won't do to make me and the kids happy.  He is the most thoughtful person I know.  Work is going well and he's hoping for a promotion before the new year, so just working towards that.  He is teaching the youth at church which is perfect for him.  He can relate to them so well and they think he is the coolest.  He is always a missionary and always teaching me how better to be.  We had the missionaries over for dinner and they were telling us about all these opportunities to serve and help and we were pumped.  They were like, we can always count on the Facers!  I'm so proud to be a family who wants to serve the Lord and his children first.  It's the best. 

I love my calling in Relief Society and getting to know all the sisters at church.  Our ward is the most humble ward.  People talk freely and openly about their challenges, never fearing of judgement.  I am amazed by the examples I get to see all the time and I find myself being refined into this person I always hoped I could be.  I always tell Ryan, I feel like myself in Hawaii.  I feel like I'm better.  Nothing beats the people.  Now we just need to convince our families to move so they can feel the Hawaiian love too.  Work is going well.  I have 3 clients lined up for Aug, Sept, and Oct.  I haven't done a birth in so long I can't wait to get back into it!  We also have visitors lined up for the next few months which is so fun!  We love visitors.  I have made some really amazing friends and there always seems to be something going on.  We live outside all day long and come home to sleep in our beds:)  Just the way life should be.  I am soaking in this phase in life.  When I hear more seasoned moms to tell me to enjoy it cause it doesn't last, I really focus on that.  I know already how fast my kids are growing and I'm desperately trying to slow time down.  Every night when we put them to bed, I tell them they are loved, they are smart, they are kind, they are anything they can be.  I think that maybe if I tell them who they are every night, they'll never forget.       

Friday, August 3, 2012

First day of Kindergarten

Yesterday Ollie had his first half day at school.  It was basically an orientation day where the parents came along too and met all the teachers, librarian, principal, and staff.  I really loved that they did this because it made me feel so much more comfortable leaving him there.  I thought I did pretty well other than welling up a bit once the parents had to seperate from the kids and I turned around and saw Ollie sitting like a brave big boy making his first friend.  It's really hard realizing that your kids are growing up and there's nothing you can do about it.  I am super excited for every phase with my kids but there's something just sad about knowing I'll never have that little first day kindergartner back.  But he is so excited.  He was just beaming from the moment he woke up, he could not wait to be a big boy at school.  He had his new Legoland shirt gpa got him, his spiderman backpack and lunchbox and he was so ready.  I was so excited to find out that his teacher is who I was hoping for.  I had heard really good things about her and was hoping (and praying) out of the 4 possibilities, that she would be it.  She is so sweet and loving, and just really good at teaching.  I can't wait to get in and volunteer and get to know everyone better.  This school thing is a whole new world but we are ready to tackle it and jump in head first.  The morning of we had to take some pictures pf everyone and when we didn't get one of everyone together, Oliver was like "We have to get a picture of everyone together.  We're a family!"  It was so cute and he was so proud. 

Last minute trip to California

We just got back from a very last minute trip to California and it was so much fun!  Grandma called and said she had enough of this space between us and we better get to her and Grandpa in California because they were missing us.  So we hoped a plane the next day:)  I didn't take very many pictures, too bad, but I did get a few the last day we were there at the pool with Grandpa and Gage.  We got to see our Nana and Papa Facer and Jon, Jill, Quincy and Dane too which was so fun.  Here are some of the highlights of the trip...
-Once Ollie spotted gma and gpa at the airport he dropped his backpack and ran full speed ahead and jumped into grandma's arms and said so sincerely "I missed you grandma".  I was fighting back the tears! 
-Everyone referring to the new house as grandma's house.  My poor dad, he considers himself a visitor:) 
-On our first night there we had dinner at Ruby's, of course, and met up with my favorite people Devin, Andrea and the kids.  It just felt like old times, sitting at Ruby's with my mom and dad and those guys.  So fun
-An epic beach day at Crescent with family and friends and a walk on the tidepool rocks.  And my dad bringing jack in the box down that all the kids literally inhaled. 
-A mall session with the kids that ended up in my spending way too much money in my favorite store (although everything I bought was $15 or less a piece, so not bad).  There were just too many sundresses that had Hawaii written all over them.
-Picking my sister Annie and her two kids up from the airport and meeting my newest nephew Asher who was so fun to snuggle and love.
-Going to the temple with Andrea which was wonderful and so needed.  We had some really classic moments together:)
-Amelie telling grandma that she was not in charge of her at the zoo.  Amelie does this as a matter of fact, not in a sassy way.  Around our house, whoever in charge is a big deal.  As a general rule, I am always in charge, Ryan is sometimes in charge, and everyone else needs special permission.  It's pretty common when I tell my kids something to do, they ask "Mom, are you in charge of me?"  And my answer is always yes:)  Grandma and grandpa got a big kick out of this. 
-Grandpa taking Oliver, Amelie and Gage to Legoland.  By himself.  Annie and I seriously thought of writing our info on our kids arms with permanent marker.  I told Oliver before they left that if he got lost, he should find a mommy and tell her that he can't find his grandpa and he's lost.  Well he got lost twice and did that twice.  Good thing I advised my first born or poor grandpa would be in big trouble. 
-A wonderful girls night with three of my favorite ladies to my very favorite sushi spot Hapi Sushi in Laguna, followed by an apple pie caramel apple from Rocky Mountain.  Yum
-While grandpa was at Legoland, Annie and my mom and I went to the Sawdust festival and appreciated all the fine art and ate lunch, then cupcakes, then gelato.  That's a good day.  Oh and then watched 2 hours of HGTV.  I brought running shoes home to workout.  Yeah, that was a funny idea.  I'm paying for it now:)
-Watching the Bachelorette season finale with Andrea and laughing so hard that we cried huge tears, many times.  And crying for real, because we are totally those people.   
-Sleeping with Ollie in bed everynight.  Man, that boy is a lover I tell you.  He would wake up at night and find my hand and kiss it and go back to bed.  I mean seriously?  Love him so much. 
-Grandpa asked the kids the day before we left where they were going the next day.  Oliver said "To fly back to Hawaii to see Dad!"  Amelie just looked at him and said "I'm staying here.  I'm going to miss Dad".
-My mom and dad proclaimed that they would have Ami swimming by the time we left.  Sure enough, with the help of floaties, she was cruising around the pool like a pro.  She will be swimming on her own in no time.  This makes going to the beach pretty awesome for me:)
-Going to the beach with Nana and Papa and Jill and kids and soaking in the San Clemente sun.  We hit Jon and Jills after to have a pool party and then some pizza.  Love spending time with our family.  Can't everyone just move to Hawaii?!  That my friends, would be perfection. 

There were probably many more fun moments I'm forgetting but it was so fun to get back to the people we love so much and pick up from where we left.  It was also so fun getting back to the island and realizing how much it feels like home and knowing we are just where we need to be.  And I missed my love so much.  Life just isn't the same when we're apart.  Thank you Mom and Dad for such a great time.  We miss you always and are so grateful for your love and support.  We can't wait to pamper you when you come visit!