Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mother's Intuition??

Lately I've been getting asked a lot what I think the baby is going to be, you know that gut mothers instinct. Ok, with Ollie I sort of from the beginning had my suspicions that he would be a boy, but I would have never bet money on it. This time, I have felt probably more strongly than with Oliver that this would be a girl...up till about a week ago, when all I could think about was a little baby boy and boy names and everything boy. Strange. So I wanted to know, did any of you actually experience this mother's intuition and KNOW that you were having a boy or girl. I mean isn't there always a 50/50 chance? The poll is also funny, almost split dead even, so at least as much will guess right as wrong. Having babies is so fun.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For Biggest Loser watchers

Ok so I am totally annoyed that Ron and his Son Mike made the final four, kicking Filipe out of his spot. Since when did lying get you ahead in life. I still can't understand why people think it's a good idea to lie on a show where their every move is being filmed. I mean we all saw and heard you! I think that Ron should have been given a 5 pound disadvantage for being a total game player and jerk. And I don't think he did jack crap this whole season, the only reason he is still there is because everyone was scared to death of him, they called him the "Godfather" for heaven's sakes. I am all for weight loss and getting healthy, but that's what it has to be about, not the game. Filipe worked his butt off, and is young with small children. He deserved to be there about a 100 times more than Ron. We'll see who loses the weight and keeps it off. Pretty much the only reason Ryan and I were so excited about watching was for the Tongan cousins ,Filipe and Sione. I hope they show up at the final show and kick some major trash. I know it's lame that I have to vent about this show on my blog but there aren't many shows I really love, and I just had to work through a little aggression. But let's be honest, I'll still watch next season. That show makes me cry every time.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Graduation tastes oh so sweet...

Ok, that is one good looking graduate.
Our other gradute Meg and her hubby Aaron.
Aren't moms the best? I'm sure Nita has a little something to do with Ryan's success:)
Can you tell we're excited? Well we are. Oliver just loves any reason to cheer.
And just for funsies...a cute one of me with my boyfriend.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Is that an umbilical cord or a penis??

We went in to an early ultrasound today to see if we could find out what this baby is. I was a little doubtful whether we'd be able to find out or not. So after trying to get a few different angles we had no luck. Actually we got a few really good shots in between the legs but the umbilical cord just happened to be running straight through the middle of the legs, so we weren't sure whether there was a penis being hidden or not. We have our official ultrasound in a few weeks in the hospital so we'll have to wait till then. Oliver was absolutely fascinated with the ultrasound. His eyes were glued on it the whole time and he didn't say one word. He says "baby" to my tummy and talks in this really high pitched voice to the baby, so funny. I don't think he quite gets it yet. He is going to be the best big brother.


Ry said this was the only time anyone would see him in a BYU shirt so I had to capture the moment. He is walking on Friday at graduation although he has to finish out spring term here. He is amazing and has done so well. I cannot wait to hang out with him at the end of the day and not even think about homework. You gotta love Ollie's fake smile.

Oliver has been Ryan's shadow lately. Anything Dad does is the coolest and must be done. Ryan holds the pick in his mouth sometimes, so Ollie did. Ryan went to set his guitar down and Ollie followed putting his right next to Dad's. Ryan got a sliver and sat down to look at his foot so Ollie got down on the floor next to him and held his foot and said "ouch dadda". And when Ryan got tweezers to take it out, Ollie picked up a clothespin and pretended to get a sliver out of his foot too. He is getting funnier by the day.

We love the Johnson's

Can you tell Oliver is happy to have his buddy Cash to play with.
These boys are pretty hilarious together. They are so fun to watch because they are such different boys. They totally egg each other on and work as a team to get into all sorts of trouble.
These were their "cheese" faces.
All gussied up for church. Little did we know that 2 hours of stake conference would feel like 20. Thank heavens for nursery.
That's one cute boy. Cash would always say "Hi Becky". Then I would say "Hi honey". After a while he just said "hi honey". It was pretty cute.
Cute Marley Jane with her equally cute momma. She is so sweet. She was in love with Ryan. Ryan just kept saying, can we have a little girl one day as sweet as Marley.
One of the saddest things about leaving Provo is not being able to take a quick road trip to see these guys. We did a lot of vacation planning for the future...yearly north shore trips and plenty of Ted's Bakery eats. It's not every day you find people you love so much. We're keeping them. Let's also mention that we went golfing, my first time, and other than a few temper tantrums I actually did really well. I'm pretty excited that I get to golf with Ry. I still get to make fun of golf though, just can't resist.

Springtime Wonderland

The night before we left to go to Boise for the weekend we had a full day and night of snow and woke up the next morning with tons of snow, like tons. Snow was stuck and frozen all over everything. The trees shading the backyard did not anticipate such weather and cracked (literally) under the pressure. We were not sad to leave the snow that morning, especially when Boise was in the 60's. When we headed back to Provo after the weekend, spring had sprung. It has been GORGEOUS. My mood is so dependant on the warmth and sun, good thing we'll be in California in no time.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

16 weeks, only 24 to go...

I thought it would be fun to do a little comparison shot. This is not the best picture but you get the idea. Here is Ollie at 16 weeks.
Here is babycakes today, 16 weeks and 3 days. Oh and Happy Easter to all, we love you!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Let's hunt some eggs

This morning was an easter egg hunt in Orem that we just had to go to! Too bad the minute we got there, Telisha and I heard a countdown already in progress, so we ran, with children in hand, cause if you know Utah, and I think you might, there is no shortage of kids here. We made it just in time to fight off a few parents and kids for some goodies. It was so windy and freezing and raining but still lots of fun, all 30 seconds of it:)
Sidney and Ollie with baskets in hand. I do have to say that for a child of mine, Oliver was quite calm about the whole thing. I was quite the egg gatherer in my day, so I was expecting a little more hustle, but the less candy for this kid, the better.
Plus the candy was kinda gross and cheap. We're used to much finer things when mom is picking out the treats.
This face is so Ryan it just kills me. I feel the need to say egg "hunt'n" for the sake of Utah, no pronunciation on the t, get it right.

Mom I wanted to post a pic of Ollie in his new threads. We finally hit up Gymboree with our gift card from Christmas. What a stud muffin huh, minus the slobber marks from sucker. Thank goodness for Grandma's or he might be wearing jeans and long sleeved t's throughout summer.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pregnancy entry #1

So I feel the need to do a little journaling about this pregnancy considering I really suck at actual journaling, hence the blog. I am about 16 weeks and still haven't felt much in the way of kicking. I remember with Ollie, I felt him exactly at 14 weeks because I was writing in a pregnancy journal and he moved just then, and I wrote about it. It's funny getting pregnant again cause first off you sort of forget what it's like, and second off, you only know from the first how it was. So this one is a lot different to me. With Ollie I would get flashes of sickness that would usually go away after laying down or throwing up, and definitely it all went away for the most part by 14 weeks. With this little one, it is a little more looming, like it never quite goes away. My energy level is seriously like 0 which is really sad for me because I have this energetic little two year old who needs a lot of it. And I feel almost this fog like I can't really feel like myself, it's really weird. And if you know me, I love pregnancy and everything that comes with I'm trying to still enjoy every minute of it, but I have caught myself a few times thinking that it would be nice if I could just skip the next 5 months. And I had good energy with Oliver's pregnancy. I was working at a pretty stressful job the whole time and loved it. I cannot imagine doing anything like that this time around. If I can get out of bed and shower and accomplish a few things in the day, that is a good day:) Something that I've really missed is getting to the gym. I do not advocate working out during pregnancy, but staying active is huge. Yoga especially was my goal this time around but after a few classes that ended with me running out and throwing up, it just wasn't going to work. I HOPE that it will go away soon so I can get back. If anyone has ever experienced motion sickness, it's very much like that, and it just sticks to you. I was at the park with Ollie the other day and was pushing him on the swing, and just watching him swing, the motion of it, totally made me throw up. I felt bad for the moms and kids there. Hey, at least they've been there. And the thing is, it feels like it's getting progressively worse, is that possible? During the first few months in California, I felt pretty great. Then the plane ride home, I threw up twice, and I think ever since that, it's just been going downhill a little. Has this ever happened to anyone? I really don't want to take meds, especially if it's going to go away soon. Isn't it nice that a baby is so worth it? That's what you have to remind yourself. Oh we find out the sex at the end of the month so I'll have to put up a poll to see what everyone thinks. Ollie and Ry have been so sweet to me, I love those boys more than anything in life.

Monday, April 6, 2009


We have joined the land of the employed, wahhooooo!!! Ryan got a job offer today and after thinking about it long and hard (meaning about 2 seconds), we decided to accept. We're still working out all the details but so far, Ryan will be working in Burbank, building a Dreamworks studio there, very cool. We really have no idea where we'll live but would still love to be close to the beach, we'll see. Seriously, I don't think there's anything harder to wait for than a job. I haven't felt this much stress in a really long time. It feels like we've both been in this kind of daze for weeks and weeks. So when Ryan called me to tell me the news, it was like a million bricks off our shoulders, what a huge blessing. So thank you everyone for all your prayers and thoughts, we really felt your support. And what amazing messages were shared in general conference that lifted our spirits and rejuvenated our faith. Our prayers are going out to all those who are looking for jobs, it is such a rough time, but things will work out, as they always do one way or another. I think we'll be saying about a million prayers of thanks for a while.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

What is going on?

Has anyone seen the headlines lately? Seriously what is going on in the world. I usually hate it when people say the world is full of evil and sadness, like there is no good left, but tonight I'm starting to get worried. How can an individual get so far gone that they would do such horrible things to people? Actually I don't want to think about that. I remember when I taught the "Service" lesson in jail to the inmates, I would ask them what kind of difference it would make if they taught their kids to be serving and loving of everyone. They would usually say, it would make some difference. Then we'd ask ourselves, what if everyone in the world were to teach their kids to be loving and serving...what would the world look like? Wow, that made a lot of people really emotional, because then they thought, that would have made my life free of abuse, neglect, hate...all those things that helped contribute to these mistakes I've made today. And then that would have had the same domino effect on their kids who were now effected by their abuse and mistakes, who will likely go out into the world to follow a similar path. So when I see these headlines, I think of the parents and families these people came from, what went wrong, could it have been fixed? It reminds me of that quote, a nation can only rise as high as the strength of their families...or something like that:) How true that is. Will everyone finally just get that so we can live in peace and love. I really hope so. And will the news please start reporting more often on the beautiful, amazing acts of love and service done everyday. They are everywhere. Maybe that would start a whole different kind of domino effect.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some events of the day

This morning we made a trip to the duck pond. I had been collecting stale cereal, bread, and crackers for quite some time, so we sure had a feast for the duckies. If any of you ever visit ducks around this time of year, you know it's mating season and quite frankly, it's frightening out there. I'm pretty sure there is duck rape and incest at every turn and all the kids at the pond are like "oh no mommy, why are the ducks fighting". Ahhh the birds and the bees, good thing I have to explain nada at this point. Either way, a product of this love making is eggs, exciting times. We found a mama lying on some eggs and got a picture as she was out gathering more leaves. Down the hill from her nest, there were 5 eggs that were sitting all by themselves, totally abandoned. To true Kelley form, of course I took them home and now they are being heated in a bowl with a blanket and lamp. They're probably all dead but whatevs. I tried to find some info online to see how you can tell if they are fetilized and how long they can survive without incubation. Does anyone know anything about duck eggs? And we caught a moment of spring, although all other signs are still absent, such as the warmth. I LOVE to see green again.

Who knew being at Les Shwab tires could be so fun? Well Oliver saw this row of lined up tires and decided to put it to the test. Yes, it really was that fun. He did it a few times and got really dirty doing it. But it bought us plenty of time as we waited for our tires to be put on. By the way, tires are way too expensive. Someone really needs to do something about that.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Surprising News!

Well we had our first Ultrasound today and found out a little more than we bargained for...there was not one but TWO babies, yup twins!!! Are you kidding me! I sort of had a feeling about it but I didn't think I was actually right. This will be interesting. We are excited and a little shocked...mostly cause you bought it! Happy April Fools Day:)