Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The past few weeks...

We've been enjoying some rainy days. I love how fall lasts months and months here. The leaves take their time changing and falling. I think I could have a home with the color scheme entirely of fall leaves.
Then we went to visit Santa at the Americana. It was so gorgeous! Oliver ran up and gave Santa a big hug while all the other sissy kids screamed. I was so proud. He even held Amelie and of course, she was pretty unphased. Grandpa bought Ollie a toy he will go crazy for. After all, he did play with it at the booth for about a half hour then I finally had to tear him away kicking and screaming. He didn't see that Gpa secretely bought it for him. What a lucky boy.

After all the rain and cold, we got a few really warm days. The boys went surfing while Ollie kept busy on the beach. He can hardly wait to be old enough to go. I basked in the sunlight enjoying a warm, sunny day at the beach in December! When I think about how ridiculously expensive California is and how high our taxes are, I wonder why do we want to live here? Then a day like this comes along.

Sunday night we went caroling to friends and family. Caroling is hands down one of my favorite Christmas traditions. Tonight we kept the Christmas cheer rolling by making gingerbread houses. Ryan used his construction expertise to make us a nice sturdy house. Oliver used his small hands to get those hard to reach places to put candy on. Amelie ate and then smiled while she had her daily nightcap with her Dad. She talks more at night when he gets home than she does all day. She loves her Dad. And after his crazy long work days, she's just what he needs.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thoughts from today...

Walking down the kitchen goods aisle of Marshalls set me into a frenzy of excitement over pots and pans. I think I'm officially a mom. And maybe it's from using pots and pans from the goodwill, but either way, I cannot wait to move into somewhere and get myself some shiny new pots.

Sometimes I want to be Michelle Duggar. Have tons of kids, homeschool, wear skirts only (ok maybe not that one), no tv...I really think they're onto something. But really, I am seriously considering a co-op of like 4 or 5 moms that want to go into a joint homeschool, everyone teaches a day a week. This way I know who's teaching and what they're teaching and who they're friends are. I can't believe I'm already worrying about this. Is that crazy?

A California state law says it's illegal to text or talk on the phone while driving. I really think it would be wise to add, having kids in the car. I can't explain the maneuvering I've been doing recently or Lindsay will freak out. Good thing I'm such a fabulous driver.

I wonder if there is a service I can call to potty train my child. I have neither the patience nor desire at this point in my life to try. I should have ordered one of those kids that just miraculously one day potty train themselves. Let's just hope I get my act together in a few months or else this kid is going to kindergarten in diapers.

We've only been back in California 6 months and I'm already getting ancy for the next move. I blame this all on my parents who moved me until I was in 5h grade, which, by the way, I totally loved. I really think there's something to say about not getting too comfortable in one place.

With Oliver I really wasn't crazy about nursing. I was always annoyed that I had to excuse myself and miss out on all the fun. Now with a busy toddler and constant noise, I secretly look forward to my little escape.

There's probably very few things I love as much as napping with both my children and having Oliver say "Mom, I love you", just as he's getting real sleepy.

My husband is a grown up. I went to visit Ryan the other day at work and he was busy with about a million things, talking all professional-like with an architect and I realized he is like a total grown man. I know that sounds funny but you know when you grow up with someone and then they become your husband, it's sort of like this evolution right before your eyes. I was pretty proud of him, to say the least.

I realized I had no energy today. So I went to CVS and bought myself some vitamins. Every bottle that had "energy" on it was calling my name. As if this will solve the fact that I have a new baby. Getting back to the gym I think will solve a lot. Now if my body would only let me.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Amelie's Blessing

Today our little Amelie Jane was blessed by her daddy and it couldn't have been a better, more special day. My heart was filled to the brim all day with love and gratitude. It was so fun to have family and friends there and Amelie can already tell what a wonderful world she has joined. I'm pretty certain she will make it more wonderful. (I forgot to mention that the little dress Ami is wearing my mom gave to me when I was a senior in high school for my first daughter to wear on her blessing day. I guess my mom thought with our odds, we'd definitely get a girl:).

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Decorating the Tree

Thanksgiving in Zion's

Mom and Dad at Thanksgiving Dinner
Oliver and Chelsea getting ready for dinner with a good old fashioned high-five.
Annie and Cody. Annie is expecting her little boy in February!
Carson is busy busy busy.
Seriously, you just can't look at this face and not kiss it.
Noelle and Oliver working hard to get dirty. It doesn't take much.
Katherine is waiting for her new brother who is coming in March!
Uncle Steve taking Ollie and Noelle 4-wheeling for their very first time. It was a hit.
The trip would have not been complete without a little horseback riding. Chelsea, me, Dad, and Regan.

Regan and Noelle missing Pete who had to work. We missed you Pete!

We also missed our little Laura who is set to head off to Korea on Monday. We get to talk to her real quick, I am so excited! Thanks Mom and Dad for another fun Thanksgiving! Our family grows and grows more with each trip. I am very thankful for family this Thanksgiving.