Saturday, April 30, 2011

The coolest park in the world!

This is what we commonly refer to as the coolest park in the world. Bluebird park is in the heart of Laguna Beach and it is really one of our favorite spots to play. While Laura and Chelsea were here, they went with us for a visit. Aunties are the best!

Ami exploring the tunnels...

My sweet Ollie boy. I'm pretty sure Oliver gets cuter and sweeter as each day passes. His kindness constantly amazes me. That boy is all heart.

I totally covet this turtle. I love sea turtles and mosaics and look at all those bright colors! Just makes me happy when I see it.

Ollie with his cute friend Danica

Trying to get Amelie to hold still for a picture is near impossible. Can't you tell?

Love this little exploring body. Ami is so adventurous and independent.

Happy girl

And a few shots of Laguna cause I can't resist...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let the swim season begin!

We like to swim in our family. My parents always said we were water babies and in Arizona growing up you better believe we always had a pool. We were all swimming by the time we were two so I have already made a goal to teach Amelie by the end of the summer. I have always been a good swimmer if I do say so myself and Ryan swims a ton while surfing. That's the next goal by the teach Ollie how to surf like his Dad. Big stuff here folks. These two look like they're ready to take on the challenge:)

Swimming is such fun!
Always ready to make a splash!
Ami, where's your belly button?

Where's your nose?
Ollie always has a way of looking very mischevious at all times. Lately he has been really into "poop" humor. Like literally 20 times a day he says "mom, guess what? poop". Some times he cannot even get the words out before he loses himself in hysterical laughter.

This little lady is already getting so tanned for the summer. I love the tan lines that come from fat rolls, although she is losing a lot of them:( I am amazed with Ami lately. She is repeating almost all the words I say to her, english and spanish alike. She is one smart cookie.
Ollie has been so easy lately. He is like this sweet, happy child and I sure hope it lasts for a long long time. He is as sweet as they come and he makes life great.
Go! Warm weather and water, here we come!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

One year later...

Crazy to think it's been a whole year since we moved here. Even though Ryan was still working in Santa Monica this time last year, we just knew we wanted to be here in the green hills by the beach and out of LA. We really didn't know this area well and just happened to see a listing go up the day we were driving around looking. So we stopped by and took a look and I peeked in the windows by the back fence and fell in love. I had the best feeling about moving here and basically knew nothing about the neighborhood or town. I also didn't know how ridiculously close we were to Laguna. Pretty good surprise.

This house has been the perfect fit for us. There are so many little things about it that I love that just make life more comfortable. I actually haven't had one complaint about this house. When we first moved in after living with parents for a while, we felt like we were on the vacation that would end. It really hasn't and there isn't a night that goes by that I don't thank my heavenly father for the blessing of living in this beautiful place and most importantly having a husband who works hard to provide it.

I feel kinda jinxed now though. You see, I've always been a traveling girl and have had a streak of fickle desires to move every year. When I was little, my parents moved often which I actually loved. I love the chance to discover a new place, reinvent yourself again, make new friends, and get settled just in time to step out of your comfort zone. I think change is good. Ryan and I have been at opposite ends on this one. He basically lived in the same house his whole life and just assumed that's what people do. They find a place they love, they settle, kids play soccer, you get invested into a place, and that's that.

I never really saw myself in this scenario. Until now. Ok ok, I'm not saying the traveling urge to move somewhere new is gone, trust me, I wish it was. But I am saying I get where everyone is coming from with the settling down thing. I LOVE it here in Orange County and honestly, can't really see myself leaving. Not only do we have the most gorgeous beach just steps away, but the air is clean, the hills are green and lush, the people are nice, there are tons of kids around, it's safe, and we have family all around. That's what you call a happy life. I think the only thing that would get us out of here is if Ryan got that amazing job offer in Hawaii, because let me tell you, there's no way I'm saying no to that face.

I am grateful for the people we have met this last year here. I have the greatest friends here. I remember the first Sunday at church here looking around and thinking, why is everyone so gorgeous, they must know they're gorgeous:) It's funny how you make assumptions about people and they are the ones that end up being your closest friends. Ryan's calling in the ward is with the young men and he loves those boys. I know he's looking forward to sending them on missions.

So there it is, I guess I've been converted and happy to say so. Guess this means that if I can't move to a new place every few years, we'll just have to do a lot of traveling:)