Sunday, June 29, 2008

Blast from the past

Ok so since my camera is broken STILL and the repair shop sucks at their job, I feel the need to put a few old ones up because it's just so fun. I can't believe how much this boy has changed. He hardly even looks like his newborn pics, he's totally a different kid. And of course I just had to put a picture of me in labor, it was such an exciting day, my own personal "Baby Story". Loveit. Time is a strange thing cause it feels like we've had him always, but also like this was just yesterday. I'm enjoying every moment of it. Enjoy until I can get some more recent ones up:)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Some interesting info

Ok so lately I have talk to or heard of so many women who are having a hard time getting pregnant. We had an enrichment on pregnancy a couple weeks ago and I had to get info how to get pregnant if you're having a hard time. I found so much on health and eating that I thought it was worth sharing. This is definetely a good place to start, before more invasive methods. So here's what I found...
Women who took these steps were 80% less likely to have infertility problems.
1. Ate less transfat and sugar from carbs.
2. Consumed more protein from veggies than animals.
3. Ate more fiber and iron.
4. Took more multivitamins.
5. Had a lower BMI score (Body Mass Index).
6. Exercised for longer periods of time.
7. Consumed more high fat dairy products than low fat dairy, such as drinking 2% milk rather than non-fat.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This guy is the best in the world, I really think so. And it's his birthday today, ahhh the quarter century mark. I pretty much still think it's a miracle that he's mine and I say a grateful prayer every night that he's the best husband in the world. Sometimes I'm not sure how I got so lucky. I love you and always will.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Broken cameras and broken bodies

Ok, so I've never really been a "slogger" up until now but with my camera broken there's just nothing fun to post. If I did have my camera I would have taken pictures of the injuries of the past two days, first Oliver getting his finger stuck in the tape player and then pulling it out, scraping tons of skin off his finger, and then the day after falling face first on the asphalt at the duck pond. That one I didn't think was so bad until I picked him up and his mouth was filling with blood. Turns out his two front teeth cut into his lip pretty bad and it's still swollen. Poor kid. It was sad/funny walking back home with him in my arms, blood all over his shirt, and running down his chin. People probably were like, "did you know your child is bleeding". And he wasn't even crying, so it probably looked very strange. It's crazy that once upon a time I used to refuse to use a digital camera, and now it's so painfully convenient, there's almost no choice. Ahhh technology, you can't live with it and can't live without it. So not much else here. The weather is insane, who knows whether it's fall/winter/spring...but definetely not summer. I am waiting for it to get really warm to go swim with Ollie. That boy is a water baby. He is being very confident lately with his words. He always makes sure he says "hi" everytime we come into the room. Today I was picking up crumbs off the floor (don't ask) so he got down on the floor with me and bent down under my head and just kept saying "hi" like, mom, why are you doing that. I bet you just need to hear "hi". Anytime he hears a dog barking in the neighborhood he says "dog" and starts making dog noises. He picks up the cellphone and says "hola". And always "uh-oh", and will make things fall down just to say it. And just the way he says it with his little sweet voice, I just die. I have to get it on video. He's also quite the dancer lately, his favorites are Feist and Third Eye Blind. I can ask him for "besos" and he knows that means kisses and totally puts his face out, mouth wide open, for a big sloppy one. LOVE IT! Ok now I'm just rambling about my child so I'll go, hope everyone is wonderful!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Parenting tips

Ok so I teach this amazing parenting class at work and I finally thought it was about time to share the wealth. So weekly I will be updating parenting tips on my sidebar, so check it out. There are some really wonderful things about the methods used and hopefully it can help you all as much as it's helped me, and hopefully will help me in the future. So enjoy and I would love to hear feedback or questions if you have them.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Just some photos from the weekend

Who could ever resist this face?
Have you ever tried playing tennis with a baby on the court? Well, you should.
Swings are so great. This made me think of Ollie's little baby swing as a newborn. Man that swing sometimes saved our lives. And look, it still doesn't get old. He actually started falling asleep after about 5 minutes. Too bad I get motion sick on swings, how pathetic.
Just look at that snuggle bug with his dadda. This kid is the ultimate snuggler, I LOVE it.
I think it's the fact that it echoes so much in there, but he screams and loves it.
Our little orphan Oliver just waiting to be picked up by a good samaritan.
Ahhhh the belly.
We got this little blow up pool and it's the best thing ever. Who needs a jacuzzi when it warms up all day and by the end of the night it's like 90 degrees. Ryan and I will be hot tubbing it all summer, who knew! We might just have to teach Ollie to swim this summer.
So my camera is broken, sad day. So the blog might suck for a little while, or else I'll just have to post some old school pics until I can get it fixed. Stay tuned.