Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just Hanging Out

I love Amelie's little smirk in this picture. Brothers really are pretty funny.Ollie decided to pick up gardening as a hobby today.This is what she loves to do all day. I love it too.
There are so many uses to a Spongebob coloring book with stickers. This was Oliver's idea.
There are two main things that we could not be more happy about. Ok well of course the obvious is having a healthy little girl. But the other two things are SO wonderful. First off, this little girl has yet to spit up. I have not even pulled out one burp cloth, I kid you not. With Oliver we used burp towels, not cloths. Considering our experience with that, this is a wonderful blessing. Could anything be better than that?? Well yes. She sleeps 6 solid hours a night and probably would get more if I didn't wake her up to eat. Oliver, bless his heart, was a horrible sleeper. We heard the second child is easier and boy is it. It probably also helps that I am not nearly as paranoid. I remember when Ollie was an infant, I would jump in the shower hoping that he wouldn't cry so I could at least shave my legs. If I heard him screaming I would actually jump out of the shower in a panic. Ahhh the first time mom. Amelie doesn't have it quite so pampered. If she screams, I continue on, knowing that a little crying never hurt anyone. And I do not get up at night checking to see if she's alive cause she hasn't cried yet. Overall, I am loving the second time around. I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Photos by Jill

I seriously LOVE this face.
Amelie getting some one-on-one with her grandpa Facer. This picture is pretty precious.
Could my husband be any cuter? I am loving him more and more each day.
This picture basically captures the way I feel about Motherhood. This is definitely going on the wall. Thanks Jill for capturing such a sweet moment.

A day in the life of a worker man

My parents are building a house here and they were pouring the cement up at the lot the other day so my Dad decided it was a more than appropriate grandfather/grandson outing. He took these pictures while he was up there. Oliver is most definitely a worker man. He especially enjoyed throwing rocks over the mountain and everyone enjoyed his help. That is until he threw a rock into the setting concrete and then he was fired for the day:)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pumpkin Heads

Amelie got to meet her cousin Dane this past weekend. Just get a load of the size difference between Dane and Ami. Don't you love the pumpkin hats? I mostly love the look on Dane's face.

It's still totally crazy to me that I'm a mother of two. I had my first "wow I have two kids" moment today when Ollie was hitting golf balls down the driveway into the street and running after them and I was nursing baby and couldn't run after him. Amelie is a pretty perfect little girl I have to say. She is an amazing sleeper at night which I have to admit Ryan and I prayed for almost every night. Now we are just praying that it will last:) Ollie has now gotten pretty used to having his baby sister around. He wants to hold her all the time. He says "snuggle" and points to his arms, it's very sweet. We are loving life with our two blessings.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Amelie Day 4

Our little Amelie is just pure joy to have around. She is a very content little thing as long as her diaper is not being changed:) I swear she is already smiling at me, and not those "gas" smiles. When she gets wide awake I just sit and talk with her and she totally smiles. She is still very sleepy but when she is awake she seems totally aware and alert. This girl can eat too. The first few days she had almost no interest in eating but now she is always hungry. We are in love with her, that's for sure. Ollie is being a very sweet brother and adjusting well to his new life as big brother. I think he's starting to get over being sick which makes everything a lot easier. I cherish the times at night with him just before bed when I get to snuggle him in bed and scratch his back. Ryan and I are working hard to make sure he always feels included and very loved. His Nana Facer got him his own little baby girl doll and he feels really special to be able to take care of his very own baby. The weather is so glorious and I can't wait to feel good enough to get out and run around. I LOVE October!