Thursday, February 18, 2010

February at the Beach

Yesterday morning I woke up, went to the gym and then realized it was gloriously warm and sunny outside and my body was aching for the beach. I called my mom and an hour later we were on our way with the kids. It was perfect and just what I needed. The beach is the most perfect playground there is. Oliver can always find something to do and I don't care how loud or how messy he is getting. Amelie got to debut her very first swimsuit. I got it on sale when I was like 6 months pregnant and I can't believe she is already wearing it. It also reads 6-9 months and let me tell you that girl is packing some pounds. Her poor thighs could hardly fit. I might already need a new suit in a month. I love that she is so fat, I just love it. In other news, we put an offer on a place and are just waiting to hear back. Exciting stuff! And we get to go see two of our favorites, Ryan and Mary, tomorrow night in Vegas. Hopefully I'll remember to bring my camera...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Revelation

As Ryan and I were house hunting this weekend, I realized just how fickle I can be in my decision making. I mean really, I have this thing I like to refer to as buyers remorse. Thing is, it's not like purchases, it's just like life. I have a hard time trusting the decisions I make and sometimes wait for others to tell me what to do. Even after making a decision, including really small ones, I go back over it in my head wondering if I could have made better use of time, money, whatever it is. In realizing this, I said to Ryan, "I think marrying you was the only decision I've made that I was absolutely sure of", and immediately after saying it, I knew it was completely true. That seems like a pretty good thing to be sure of, and for me, it's the best kind of answer. Every day we're together, I know it's just where I need to be.

Monday, February 1, 2010

4 whole months!

Well I took these pics on the 28th when Amelie officially turned 4 months old but my computer was acting funny so they are a little late. I can't believe I'm even saying she's 4 months. Ryan and I thought we could just stop time for a bit to just enjoy her being little but she is already getting so big. Really though, she's already wearing all her 6 month clothes, girlfriend has some thighs on her! She is talking so much and pretty much smiles at anyone and anything. Everytime I take her with me somewhere people just love her. She's like a little smiling doll. She wants to grab and chew on anything close. She is very interested in Oliver and everything he does. All day she just watches him running around and she smiles and smiles at how fun her brother is. He is already starting to play with her a little which makes me really excited. I think he's starting to realize that she's getting more fun with each passing day. Little does he know, he gets to be the group leader!

Oliver is total chaos and joy, yes those things can go together. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this boy has more energy than any kid I've ever seen. He is go go go, and I try my best to keep up. Ryan has been working hard on his spanish with him lately, having him repeat everything in spanish if he wants something, "quiero..." which has been working really well. The poor kid has been so confused about languages I think he's finally starting to get it. He tells Ryan and I "te quiero" all the time, which is the best. He's really getting good at talking and it's so fun to hear him put all these words and sentences together and realize he's getting to be such a big boy.

In other news, we are on the house hunt! Well there's nothing for sure, but we've done a lot of looking and are thinking this is the time to get in and buy since the market seems to be going up. We've been recently looking through Orange County and most recently Oceanside. We drove to Oceanside yesterday and were amazed at how nice and clean it was, and close to the beach for so cheap! So we'll see what

Ryan's job at Dreamworks is going great. He finished his commissary job and seriously did an amazing job. The main project finished in March and then it looks like he'll be getting transfered to Irvine or San Diego. There couldn't have been a more amazing job out of college than the Dreamworks job and Ryan is so happy he got such great experience there, not to mention the guys he's worked with.

Not much new going on the mom front. We love living at the Facer's. It has honestly been the most wonderful thing to be close to them and watch them with Ollie and Ami. Both our families are pretty amazing and I didn't realize how much I needed them around. I think it will be harder than I thought to move away. I know it will for Ollie since he has been asking for "grandpa" (my mom) every day even though I keep telling him she is in Utah. But at least we'll be in California so we won't be far.

I've been thinking a lot lately about how my life is pretty amazing and I have a lot to be grateful for.