Friday, May 30, 2008

Keepin it REAL!

Ok so my friend Malia tagged me to do this post, and I actually have to say it's pretty funny to see so here it goes. The rules are that you have to take pictures of these things in the moment, without straightening up or anything, so this is the real deal folks. You can tell Oliver's sleeping, otherwise this would never happen. I love how I choose to blog instead of things I probably should be doing. Whatever, I just washed the car, this is my break:) Ok so here's the list...
The Fridge- I had to take a picture of the outside and inside cause I love to see what people put on their fridges. Anyways, pretty basic, nothing crawling out, so good.

The Closet- Thank goodness I just bought that little shoe organizer at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, or else there would be shoes everywhere! I always keep my sandals and slippers on the floor cause let's be honest, I wear those most of the time anyways. This is just my side, Ryan's is pretty much the same.
The Kitchen Sink- This one is up in the air. Sometime I really have to do the dishes like as soon as I'm done making dinner, a little ocd. But sometimes I just don't care, and then they totally pile up. And when that happens, I can't touch them, it gets creepy. Usually I'll make Ryan do them at that point. But I am a pretty clean person, depending on how much else is going on.
The Toilet-gross, toilets are the worst. I clean this Toilet at least twice a week. Those yellow runs are so not my fault. And as a note, Oliver loves the toilet water and wants to play in it all the time. I'm hoping this same love will translate to early potty training.

Favorite shoes-Most of the time I can't stand anything but sandals. Feet are meant to be bare.

Favorite room-This is the room we are in the most so I guess it's my favorite, even though our room has some shining moments. I like this room because there are three big couches and a very comfy recliner. Oh and he's also one of my favorites. Note the band on the arm, ahhh plasma donations. Such good times. I miss my donating days. This is so we can go out tonight.

What your kids are doing right now- Ollie is sleeping, one of the best times of day.

Laundry- Pretty basic, laudry is never ending. I feel like it's just done and then a week goes by and we're back at ground zero. But I sort of love to, because then there's that glorious laundry smell. I remember before marriage never having to do much laundry...add a husband to that and a child, oh how things have changed. Luckily I don't do this stuff alone, Ryan was taught well. When I hear about husbands refusing to clean, I seriosuly want to punch them in the face.

Self Portrait- Give me a break, I've been outside sweating at the park and washing the car.

Dream Vacation- I don't have a picture of this in actuality but in my mind. But the problem is it's a cluster of a million different dreams. Mostly I want to spend my life going all over the world, but I'll name a few. Greece, India, South Africa, Rome, Ireland, Fiji...oh the list goes on.

And now I have to tag 5 people, let's see, who will be the lucky one's... Leah, Jill, Mary, Lindsay, and Brooklyn, get on it girls. And really if anyone else wants to I would love to see it!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Annie and Cody's Wedding!

Baby Katherine's blessing with her Dad

I think my mom looks so beautiful in this picture, grandmotherhood suits her:)

Beautiful Idaho, part of my heart will always be there...

Give it to me baby!!!

The four generations shot (grandma, mom, me, and ollie)

It's official, I have a new brother and Annie's last name is Brower, whooohooo! The weekend was wonderful even with EVERYONE getting sick, thanks to my sickly family. Basically it was the craziest wedding day ever and through it all they both did awesome and just loved each other, it was very sweet. Annie looked gorgeous and we all had a great time. I can't believe I just have two sisters left to be married, our family is expanding by the minute. It's so fun. These are the things I love about having a big family, there is always someone around and we are all seriously best friends. It's been amazing to see how perfectly all the in-laws have fit in, it couldn't be better. Ahhh I love my family. In case your wondering, those sexy shots above are with my most favorite cousin Andrea, and yes she is taken:) I'm so glad you came Andy, you are so much fun and fit in just like a sister, love you! Ollie was so cute in his little outfit. I secretely wanted to get him a little tux but oh well, he still looked DARLING! And don't you love the bridesmaid's dresses, my sisters are hotties. So the weekend was a success and I'm so proud of Annie and Cody for getting married in the temple. What an amazing blessing. And they are so in love, it made me and Ryan want our second wedding all over again. Don't you totally wish you could revisit your wedding? Such good times.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Time 8:13...and still laughing

So I just put Ollie in bed for the night and he usually just puts his head down and goes to sleep. So we're sitting here and I hear hysterical laughter coming from his bedroom. Who knows what he's doing in there, I wish I could peek in and see. But really, he is laughing so much, it's almost a little unsettling, but still really funny. Who is this kid?

Totally lost it

Ok, I know I post about Baby Einstein often, but really who can help it when this happens. Those puppets for some reason are the funniest thing that has ever happened to Oliver's life. He was in the funniest mood this morning and was laughing like this for at least an hour. Even when the tv was off, he kept walking around the house laughing so hard that he'd fall over and continue laughing on the ground. Like when you're remembering something funny in the past and you still can't stop laughing. It's like he's on laughing gas, although we have none of that around the house. Laura calls these his "stark raving baby mad" moments. He is so hilarious.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The hope of Utah...lost

David Cook totally won. Last night when he sang Collective Soul I actually really liked him for the first time, and he cried, and of course you can't resist that. As long as he doesn't turn Daughtry wt style, I am very happy he won. I do think that David Archuletta musically has a better voice but Cook has way more edge and personality. Too bad Archuletta just did that Guitar Hero commercial, I bet they are kicking themselves for that now:) But no doubt they'll probably both have very successful careers. Until next season folks.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Water works!

We finally mowed the grass today after a long winter's killing. Poor grass, but now it's finally emerging green and happy again. Ollie was a really great helper, being the project manager just like his dad. He sat on the raked piles just to make sure the wind didn't blow any strays and made sure quality work was being done. And of course we had to play in the sprinklers after cause it was HOT. He had the classic child gasps in cold water, one of my favorites. He's now doing "uh-oh", just randomly picked it up and now loves to mostly say "uh" without the oh everytime something falls. He officially has his yes...3rd ear infection, ahhh joy. So he's back on antibiotics which he's already been on twice. So if this one doesn't go away for real this time he has to go see a ent doctor and possibly get tubes, awesome. This poor kid, what would it be like to be well, for parents and child alike. Someday we'll know. I guess that's the price to pay for being around a million kids. It's sad cause I really do love my job, but having Ollie get sick constantly is just not fair. I think in the future, I will continue teaching the moms twice a week and leave childcare behind. Depending on our finances, I sort of have to work while Ryan's in school. It is nice to be in a preschool setting for Oliver because he gets to do so much and be in such a social setting. And I am with him like the whole time, so really it's awesome. And honestly, I think we'd get pretty bored without something to do half the day. Even though some days, I am so wiped out from work that I don't want to tackle anything else. But yeah, if you're ever considering day-care, don't. Unless you're willing to deal with a sick kid all the time, it just sucks. Ollie for sure should have been a second child, he just LOVES to watch the big kids and follow them around everywhere, very cute. So there's good and bad I guess, but for now, it works. Ryan is working and going to school so things here have been crazy for everybody!!! My sister Laura moved in for the summer which is so awesome. She is so much fun to be around and a huge help with Oliver. So life is beautiful, as always, and we have a lot to be thankful for. And my sister Annie is getting married this next weekend so that will be great! And I get to see my family, which like always is wonderful. They are so fun! Hope you are all well too, and enjoying the warmth.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Change is real

I just had to make a comment about something that happened today that once again testifies that miracles can happen. About a month ago, a mother came into work with her three children and she was probably the most "criminal" thinker I've seen in a while. She was immediately aggressive and on the defense all the time. She would hit and slap, and demean her kids every chance she got. She was just a mean person. You could tell that she was raised with the same care. She wanted so badly to intimidate me and the other counselors but I let her know the first day she was there, that we expected more from her and she better be ready to deliver. She's also in my parenting class. Her daughter was hit the hardest. She was SO angry and would literally attack us. I have never seen a more hurt child.
So today I had a music group with the ladies. I had them write down their thoughts and feelings during a beautiful song from Meet Joe Black, some of the best composed music. I wasn't sure how they'd take it because when I'd do this in jail, mostly with the men, they would die of boredom, so sad. So I prepared them by telling them to listen hard to the song and how it made them feel, and to write it down.
After the song I asked if anyone wanted to share. So this mom rose her hand to read what she had written. She made it through half of it before she burst into tears, something I'd never seen. Here's what she wrote...
"It made me feel like I was at the ocean walking along the beach, and the waves would make me feel good inside just letting me feel magical, like free and just gasping the air watching the clouds roll by and letting the sand gush through my toes while the ocean rolls over my feet. I feel wonderful and loving the world for what it is".
I had the hardest time containing my tears and the whole room was silent. All her defenses melted and she became this beautiful woman and mother, how amazing. She has in a month tried to erase the past and change the future for her and her kids. And you know what...she's doing it. Ahhhh change is real, I love it!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day!

Here's my tribute to mother's, especially my own!

"The limitation of priesthood responsibilities to men is a tribute to the incomparable place of women in the plan of salvation...Men and Women have complimentary not competing responsibilities. There is difference but not inequity...In the woman's part, she is not equal to man; she is superior! She can do that which he can never do; not in all eternity can he do it".
-President Boyd K. Packer

"In the pre-mortal world, when our Father described our role, I wonder if we didn't stand with wide eyed wonder that He would bless us with a sacred trust so central to His plan that He would endow us with gifts so vital to the loving and leading of His children. I wonder if we shouted for joy at least in part because of the ennobling stature He gave us in His kingdom. The world won't tell you that, but the Spirit will".
-Sheri Dew

It is amazing now that I'm a mother how much my life has changed. If there ever was an absolute pure, Christ-like love, that would be a mother's love for her child. Before I was a mom, I thought I could kinda get the gist of it all, like sure I'll love my kids. But you have NO IDEA what it's like till it happens. It's amazing. It's true that you can't understand the sacrifices of your parents, especially your mother, until you are one. I totally had a moment after Ollie was born when he was like 2 weeks old and I was lying on Ryan's lap in bed falling asleep and I was literally delirious from sleep deprivation. From an entire room away and with the smallest baby sound possible I heard him loud and clear. And I was like, Ry the baby is awake. He was like, how in the world did you hear that?! And I knew right then that I had just taken on the assignment of a lifetime. Something I want more than anything in life is to love and serve other people, especially those who need it the most. And I have realized, imagine if I taught my children to love everyone, no matter what, like Christ does. What a difference that would make. And imagine if everyone taught their children to do this. Our world would be a different place entirely. I think Mom's are the ultimate heroe's and that's the truth. So all you mom's, mom's in the making, and future mom's you are amazing. You can change the world.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Let's all take a deep breath

I am watching the news and today David Archuletta returns to Utah. This has been something that has been talked about for the past month, and everywhere I go, someone is talking about it. Let's talk about the hysteria today. They just said that today was deemed "David Archuletta Day" and there was also a street named after him. Wow. From the beginning I said that he had the best voice, even though he is very one sided and has absoultely no edge. As far as the last 3, Syesha is next to go, the other David is great but a little white trash for me (ie Nickleback sounding), and David who appeals to a wider audience. So I do think he'll win. It's just so funny that anywhere else, I'm pretty sure everyone would be like cool, nice job, but here, it is absolute OBSESSION. So I'm probably being polarized because I did love him at first and now I find myself so irritated by the craziness. So hopefully it will calm and my love for David can come back, because really it's not his fault. And hopefully the news here will learn how to make their air time a little more productive, my goodness.

Spring Showers

I LOVE the rain and apparently so does Oliver. This is one of the things we are most excited about come summer, the rad storms. Ollie always wants to be outside, he'll even stand and whine by the door on a regular basis. And when I bring him in, he totally throws a fit. Who could blame him, it's so wonderful now that it's getting warmer. The poor kid couldn't be outside almost the first year of his life, he's catching up for lost time. And the rain coat, are you kidding? Ps those are totally turtles, I love kids clothes, I wanted one for myself.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jr. Lifeguard on Duty

I just couldn't resist Ollie today in this outfit, he looked so cute and stubby all day. My dad got him this little outfit while he was in California with them. The best is watching him at work trying to maneuver around all the other running, big kids. He LOVES being with all those kids, it's so cute to watch him follow them around and admire their every move. Ahhhh, the big kids. And the picture on top is one of my favorite faces of his. It's his car playing face, making the sounds of the cars on the track. There's just something great about a muscle shirt on a chubby baby.