Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hawaii Part II

Can you believe this golf course cost 10 bucks? Good old Kahuku Golf Course

Enjoying a little Matsumoto's in Haleiwa
The view from our bed, ahhhh Hawaii sleep, can't beat it
PS dos
Beautiful Hawaii, one of our favorite houses from the beach
Ryan's first morning out
Our excellent bonfire on the beach, where we slept that night, until the bum showed up
Actually it was more so the rain that sent us inside:)
Shark's Cove for some snorkel action
And the darling Hawaiian Dogs, basically it's puppy heaven there


Classic Hawaiian Rainbows
Love this girl!!!
Laie Temple
My favorite Hotel in Waikiki and of course this tree, planted almost 100 years ago
Waimea and the Rock

Friday, April 18, 2008

Elephants are amazing

Ok, are you ready for one of the best stories ever?! I was watching Animal Planet this morning and it was an episode on animal rescues. So this lady who used to work in a circus with an elephant decided to form a sanctuary for elephants who have been in captivity and worked in circuses, many being very abused and badly treaten. She realized that Elephants especially should never be taken from their homes because they are such sensitive creatures. Most of them can acually remember being taken from their families when they were just babies. Most of you know that Elephants are my favorite, so here is the story to tell you why. So as time went on this lady got more and more circus elephants brought to her sanctuary. The first there was the one she brought from her circus, a 30 something old elephant. So one day they brought in this really old elephant who was so badly treated, that it's spine and rib cage was showing. She was 2000 lbs underweight. She was sad and depressed. So they brought her in to a room where all the elephants are, but they are caged off from each other. Right away they could see that she wanted to get near the younger elephant, the 30 something old. So they slowly moved them together, next to each other. Right away they began to get closer and stroke each other with their trunks. Then they started roaring, which basically rocked the whole building. But they weren't mad, it was like they were celebrating this reunion of sorts. All the workers were like what's the deal? So they looked back to their past and found out that about 25 years earlier they had been in the same circus together. The younger elephant had been only a couple years old then and the older about 30 and she had basically adopted this little elephant and taken her in. They remembered each other and their love they gave so long ago! I love it. When they were let out to roam the land, they were never apart. The older elephant would even stand over the younger while she was sleeping to protect her. Isn't that amazing. To remember kindness and love from so long ago and after so much pain, be able to get that back. Oh my gosh, it was just such a sweet story.
ps...we are on our way to hawaii so i won't be posting for a week, i know, i know, you're all so sad:)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Oliver's first official word other than mama, dada, and bye bye. I was putting him in the car seat yesterday and I said it was "hot" and Ollie just said it, it was so funny. Now he LOVES the word. It is a pretty good word, nice first son. And as a side note: let me mention that is was 80 yesterday and it's snowing right now. Poor Utah.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Family Weekend

This weekend my family was in town, minus Leah and Steve, and Brain and Amanda and Katherine (we missed you guys)!!! Annie had her graduation so everyone came up to celebrate. It was so much fun to have everyone over. I love a full house to take care of! On the couch from Left to right is my Mom, Noelle in my Dad's arms, Laura, Chelsea, Annie, her fiance Cody, Regan, me and on the bottom Ryan and Pete. We celebrated Noellies birthday at Chuck E Cheese, and might I say that that place is a madhouse. There are so many kids here, baby making central I tell ya! But I secretely loved it cause those games are so addicting. We all found ourselves stealing the babies ride coins to hit up another game. The Nicklecade is so much cheaper and equally as addicting. Stay away from that game where you drop coins down hoping they'll knock some off the edge, very dangerous. Anyways I have a rad family and LOVE THEM!!! Leah and Steve- Regs and I were like, "you'd never think you'd be punished for living in a cool place":) Hopefully we'll be joining you soon, you know we want to! Finals week, wish us luck, well...mostly Ryan, and then HAWAII. Ahhhhhhh.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Let the games begin

Ollie's new favorite game is to be chased around the house. The best part is that we growl at him and he growls back and then books it. And just when you think you're getting sick of it, he comes around the corner like this and you can't resist to get back in the game.

Momma's Little Helper

Oliver demands to push the cart at the supermarket. And yes, it is very cute and everyone around us really gets a kick out of it, but it does make for a long shopping trip:) He is also stuck to me like glue when I vacuum, and wants to hold it for me which doesn't quite work out. He carries the broom around the house and sweeps. And his fav, unloading the dishwasher for me, which he actually does quite well. He is seriously getting to be so funny.


How embarrassing

New Kelley Baby!!!

Long live the babies!!! It was so funny to see all these little cousins together. Noelle definetely was feeling her maternal vibes while Oliver was a little removed. My brother Brian and his wife Amanda just had their first baby, a beautiful baby girl named Katherine. She was so small and sweet, I could have held her all day. It was so fun to see them and hang out with all my fam there. Ps...Annie just got engaged to Cody and they'll be getting married in May!!! Oh the Kelley family just keeps growing and growing.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


And the adventures are back on, meaning of course, "The Adventures of Cash and Ollie". It is so hilarious to watch these boys now, cruising around, just keeping busy with everything and anything. They are so adorable. And Brooklyn, I totally forgot to get a picture of Mary's darling tummy, but maybe now she'll post one on her blog, hint hint:) I'm so excited to see that baby girl! Anyways we had so much fun with the Johnson's this weekend, love them! It was fun trying to convince them to move to Hawaii with us:) Ahhhh I can see it now...