Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year

Oliver got his bow and arrow from Santa that he had been asking for 2 months

Amelie and her hula girl flip flops. She wears Ollie's sandals around the house all day so I knew these would be a hit

Opening her sandals

Oliver very pleased with his present

At my parents house my Dad and Chelsea got all the kids dressed up in a manger scene. Ami was our sweet little angel.

Amelie-angel, Ollie-Joseph, Andin-Wiseman, Cam-Mary, Mara-Baby Jesus, Carson-Shepherd

Luke (or Ubi as Carson calls him) celebrating Christmas Eve and his birthday!

My little angel girl

Giving grandpa loves, what a special treat

Grandpa is pretty happy with all these grandbabies to love!

Andrea and Mara-just look at that smile! Love that baby girl

A few night before, we went to the Facers house for Christmas festivities. We attempted a nativity scene but Dane was not having it and so Ollie and Ami were Mary and Joseph. Could there be a sweeter mother Mary? I think not

Giving loves to her baby Jesus

Quite the pair

Cookie decorating and eating!

We went to the park that afternoon and Amelie hadn't gotten her afternoon nap. We noticed she was getting sleepy in the swing so Austin took his sweater and put it in front of her face and soon enough she was dead asleep. She slept for 45 minutes then we woke her up:)

Higher Austin!

I seriously can't get enough of this face. Sometimes I kiss these cheeks so much that Ami finally yells, OK Mama!

Swing buddies

Nana and Amelie playing restaurant. Can't you tell Ami is already quite the business woman, driving a hard bargain?

We went to the Newport Beach temple to see some Christmas lights and then quickly realized there were none! But there was a beautiful nativity scene which is what it's all about anyways. A few lights would have been nice but oh well:) My parents and sisters and Andrea's family came and we all grabbed cocoa before we went. It was soooo freezing and windy but still lots of fun

This year Christmas was very low key which is the way I prefer it. I made a point to tell Oliver and Ami early on that we were not getting lots of presents this year and that we were going to think about Jesus and about serving others and be with our family. One of my favorite things we did this year was making homeless bags at my mom's house that we handed out the week before Christmas. It was so emotional connecting to those in need and hearing so much gratitude for something so small. It will be a tradition we keep for sure. I love this time of year to realize what blessings we are given by our Heavenly Father. I love how happy everyone is and I love the food and music and smells. Our kids are getting old enough to really get excited now about holidays and start making fun traditions of our own. How blessed we are to have the restored gospel on the earth. Let's take advantage of it!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Nellie Gail Ranch Preschool Christmas Party

Family pic. Christmas is the best

Ollie getting ready to open his present from Santa!Spiderman slippers!!!

Asking Santa for a bow and arrow...

This is what Amelie did the whole time Santa sat and talked with the kids. She was very curious and just watched him eagerly awaiting her turn for a present. I almost cried because I didn't think to bring one for Ami because it was the preschoolers thing. She was so devastated when Santa's bag was empty and still no present for her. Luckily Oliver's teacher knitted him a beanie and we gave it to Ami as a substitute present. She was thrilled.

Santa arrived and everyone's eyes lit up

Nana and Papa came up for the night to hit Ollie's party and visit. Grandma Kelley was also there but I didn't get a chance to get a picture with her and Ollie before she had to leave for work. My mom is becoming the #1 postpartum doula in the area and I couldn't be more proud!

Laura and Chelsea left Provo that morning at 5am just to make it in time for Ollie's party! Can you tell he's pretty excited about that:) What sweet Aunties

Singing Christmas songs

More singing...So funny story. Oliver was so excited about singing all his Christmas songs and then after the kids sang happy birthday to Jesus he got really grumpy. It was like night and day, we couldn't figure it out. I asked him what was wrong and he said "my teacher forgot to sing happy birthday to Ollie". Haha. I love my little preschooler Oliver. I seriously well up with tears every time I think about him becoming a kindergardner next year. What his teachers always say about him is that he's such a good, sweet boy and he is very smart. These are things I know but it's still nice for someone else to acknowledge how amazing your kid is. I love you my sweet 4 3/4 yr old Oliver:)