Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Day

Carson and Oliver loving the firepit they picked out with Grandpa. My dad left with the boys and was gone at least 2 hours and we all joked that they probably went to the hardware store:) Well, they did just that and came back with a firepit. So funny.

The marshmallow eating sequence. I think Ami had more than anyone else:)

Our dear friend Jeffrey came for a visit and are so glad he's back from NY in sunny CA. Jeffrey, I hope we see much more of you, we love you!

Grampa and Ollie taking a dip to cool off.

The dad's and the kids.

Happy 4th!

Little Luke giggling. I can't believe what a chubster this guy is since I saw him last.

Flag raising

Dad and Ollie getting ready for the parade.

My patriotic ensemble

My sweet Ollie cakes. We realized that we forgot Ollie's bike for the parade at home (and actually we wouldn't have been able to fit it with all our beach stuff anyways) so he was trying to get happy instead of think about all the other kids with their cool bikes.

We really had the best 4th of July this year! In the morning we went to my parents place where their community was putting on a pancake breakfast, flag ceremony, and a parade. It was so fun to see tons of families out enjoying the beautiful day and defining what it is to be American. After that we went swimming for a bit and then headed down to the beach with tons more family that joined us. Ryan went surfing with his brothers, cousins, and friends while the kids played with each other on the sand. We had tons of people there; the Facer's, Uncle Mark and his family, the Leseurs, Andrea and her family, my parents, and tons of friends! I didn't get any pics at the beach because I was apprehensive to take my camera to the sand but it was lots of fun. After the beach, we went back to my parents for some fire and smores, and of course fireworks later that night. It was a blast, you just gotta love the 4th of July:)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dad's Birthday!

We had a dinner for Dad's birthday tonight with some family and celebrated his 60th birthday, can you believe it! 60 never looked so good! Mom and I and Leah picked out a really yummy cake for Dad because he does have a thing for good cake and we had fun watching the kids devour it. I love my dad because he really gets excited about life. I sometimes imagine Ollie as a very miniature version of my dad, they are so similar at times. My dad loves to share his excitment with everyone. Whenever he gets a new car, he can't wait to take you out for a spin or let Ryan and I take it out on a date. He loves to share everything with his family. He is so passionate about art, history, music, and so many other things. He is always so positive and upbeat about life even when things get hard. Have you ever watched the movie "Big Fish"? That movie reminds me so much of my dad. His stories aren't always true and are usually a little embelished, but that's because he sees things being so much more colorful and exciting than reality. What he comes up with is always a better story than the real story:) I don't mind that, I like to see things that way too. He has sacrificed so much to have 7 kids, I mean seriously, it's not an easy thing to do. You can tell that nothing else matters as much to him as his family. I want all the happiness in the world for my dad. He really deserves it.

Beach Day with the Bonners

This weekend Leah and Steve came down with their kids to celebrate Dad's birthday and the 4th of July. We went to the kids beach in Dana Point and the boys had a blast playing in the water and taking turns pulling each other on the boogie boards. We also rented a paddleboard and it was so much fun to take out, seriously I want one! Carson and Ollie are starting to get along really well and it's fun watching them play together and be mischevious boys. Luke is getting so chubby and round, I love babies at that stage. Oliver and Ami were having fun making faces at Luke getting him laughing and smiling. I love that Leah and Steve are close enough to drive down for the weekend so we get to see them often. One of the many perks of having mom and dad close is that whenever anyone comes to visit them, we get to see them too!

Super craigslist find

Don't you love when you find a good craigslist hit! So Ami has recently become obsessed with baby dolls and almost steals one from nursery at church every Sunday. I had been searching for a good craigslist deal for a baby doll and emailed this lady about a month ago and never heard back. Well anyways she had been out of town and emailed me when she got back and said I could come pick up all these baby dolls and accessories for free! They were moving and getting rid of tons of stuff, it was so awesome. Amelie and Oliver were SOO excited about these baby and their clothes, highchair, and carseat. I was laughing so hard watching Ami carry her baby around feeding it a bottle and putting it in it's highchair. She even dropped the baby out of it's carseat and picked it up and said "ohhhh" in the sweetest comforting voice and held her close, patting her. I love how little girls just have that natural nurturing ability. Ollie is quite the nurturer too though, I must say. I love watching these two play together.

More family time

Amelie and Tica are like little twinner girls. Since Amelie is miniature she is pretty much Tica's size, even though they are 6 months apart, which makes watching them play side by side really fun. Everyone would often mistake them from behind. Such cute girls, they will be great friends. Chelsea came home from London for a few days to hang out and we were so excited to see her and hear all about her travels abroad. Family time really is the best time!

Ryan's bday celebration!

We were so lucky on Ryan's bday weekend to have so much family here! Ryan's brother Jeff was leaving on his mission to Uganda the next week so Aaron and Meg and Tica were there for a visit. We love to spend time with their cute family between all their adventures. We planned a surf/beach day that was glorious weather wise, not so much surf wise:) But the boys still had a blast surfing, all 5 of them!! Then we came to our place for a bbq/pool time/cake and we had so much fun filling our house to the brim with people we love. Ryan's aunt and uncle from Utah were there too for Jeff's farewell so we had about 25 bodies in our house, pretty impressive! We had such a fun time celebrating Ryan's birthday. A lot of people love Ryan. I can definitely see why.