Friday, July 19, 2013

A visit to Aunty Leah's house


 We had a really fun visit this past week going to the Bonner's house for a visit.  My mom generously drove Ollie and Amelie while Nora and I flew there (Nora has a bit of a crying problem in the car).  It was so fun seeing Leah and her growing baby girl tummy and those sweet boys.  Leah got to meet little Nora who unfortunately wanted to be held by her mama the whole time.  Not the best first impression:)  Carson wanted to take care of Nora the whole time and every time she would cry, he would run over to put a blanket on her or bring her a toy.  The sweetest boy in the world.  I can tell he will love his baby sister.  We got to go to the park, the jelly belly factory, play in the backyard on the tramp and celebrate Uncle Steve's bday.  It was so fun to play with cousins and hang out with my mom and Leah.  Can't wait to see that new little baby girl soon!


A few weeks ago we went to SeaWorld for DreamWorks employee appreciation day.  It was a really fun day the started with being front and center in the soak zone!  I'm not sure if we were prepared for how soaking wet we got.  I caught myself running up the stairs away from the tidal wave trying to keep Nora dry which worked the first time.  The second time I turned around looking for the wave only to get hit head on with it.  Nora slept through the whole thing:)  We went with Andrea and her family and Laura was in town with her friend Eric.  It was a super fun day had by all.  I still feel really bad whenever I see animals in captivity.  Andrea and I kept drilling the employee's about the living conditions of the animals.  I'm sure they really appreciated it, haha.