Monday, August 29, 2011

A little sunset action

Ummmm future Christmas card? Possibly

Grandpa with the kiddles

Grandpa and Ollie

More of the sunset

The many faces of Oliver

This one was all him

Karate moves

I told him to show me his lover boy face, haha

I'm not sure what's going on here but it looks a little like excitement

Loving on Amelie as usual. I have to say that I love 4 year old Oliver. There's just something amazing about reasoning with a child. Being able to explain why he can't have something and him saying "oh, ok mom. I see that". I love that Ollie tells me he loves me at least a dozen times a day. My mom asks Oliver why he loves me so much the other day and he said "Cause she's cute". That kid is seriously going to be a heart breaker. I have never seen someone so excited about all the small things in life. I'm so happy I have another year at home with him before he's officially a big boy.

Sand angels

I could seriously kiss this mischievous little face all day long. Ami has gotten to be the funniest little thing. She is talking so much these days I can't believe it. I think she's actually speaking more spanish than english and her favorite word is "vamanos"! She can name all the features on her face in spanish and english. What a little smartie this girl is. If you try and take something she thinks is hers, she yells "mines" at you. It's hilarious. The minute music comes on, no matter when or what kind, she is dancing. The girls got moves.

A lady who was with her teenage daughter stopped me today at the store and I seriously saw them coming cause the minute I saw her daughter I thought she looked just like Ami fast forward 15 years. Well the minute I thought that, her mom gasped and I could see she was being taken back in time to when her little girl was small. She said that her daughter looked just like Ami. It was this funny connection I felt to her in that moment. Like maybe I could ask "how can I make time stop" and she could ask me "can I go back in time please"? I thought we were both going to cry:) It was just one of those moments I wanted to pick up my chubby almost toddler and never let her go.

The Sawdust Festival

Only can you find a bus stop quite so stylish in Laguna:) I love gallavanting around town with my Laura Linny. She is so much fun, I can't get enough of her. I can't wait for her to finish school and find a sweet job in sunny CA:)

The gorgeous watermill. I'm telling you the ambiance of this place, with the running water, smell of kettlecorn, live band, and glow of lights under a green canopy, it's enough to make me set up my own little corner of bunkbeds to sleep there.
All the little shops set up by each artist, whether it be jewelry, paintings, or pottery. Walking into the sawdust festival is like walking back in time. I love the way it feels and smells, it's really enchanting.

Ryan decided to walk down to the beach while we browsed. We were waiting for the Pageant of the Masters to start and man oh man, was it cool. I was not at all dissapointed this year. The theme was "Only Make Believe" and it was very inspired. I can't wait to take Ollie one day. He would really get a kick out of all of this artsy stuff and the live symphony.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Family Home Evening!

A few weeks ago we did our FHE night with Jon and Jill and the kids and decided to do one of our favorite things, ride the summer trolley in Laguna!

The kids had such a blast. Seriously I think I could probably just keep my kids entertained going on the trolley a few hours every night.

Of course we had to make a stop at Casey's Cupcakes for some goodies too. I feel so blessed that we get to have Jon and Jill close by and Ollie and Amelie will have cousins to grow up next to.

We need to make this a monthly tradition:)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Family in town

Andrea, this one's for you!

Smore's of course

Marshmallow eating to the max

My Mom, Aunt Jamie, Aunt Julie, Aunt Lisa, and Grandma. It was so fun to see lots of my aunts here and especially Grandma. I think my parents should stay here because then we get to benefit from visitors all the time!

Classic 4 generation picture:)

Thank you family for coming to visit. It's always special to see you and get to hang out, especially when it's on the beach:)

Visit with Brooklyn and Penny!

We had a few visitors a few weeks ago, my Brooklyn and her newest little chica Penelope. We love them. They should leave Utah forever and move here. B, don't buy a house, you'll never get out. Be sure to tell Luke that:) Love you, thanks for coming to see us!