Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Am I missing something?

So Ryan and I are both really confused at the success of John McCain and I just need to hear from others why he is doing so well. If he is going to be the presidential nominee, I would like to not dislike him so much but as of right now I just have no intention of ever voting for him. So if you know of any reason why he is the most qualified to be the president please let me know so I don't go crazy. Even his face irritates me, I need help.

Monday, January 28, 2008

My favorite memory...

When I was at BYU-Idaho, the prophet came to say a few words at the dedication of the building that would be in his name. It remains my favorite memory of President Hinckley. He instilled within us all such confidence and happiness. I remember my eyes welling up with gratitude at a prophet that loved us all so dearly. He was just so funny and so real, he even made fun of BYU football which was just too funny. I remember through the whole talk we were all laughing or crying, or at least I was:) I am celebrating his wonderful life so richly lived. He was definetely my prophet and I needed him, as so many did. There couldn't have been anyone better for our generation. Here's a few words from his talk...

"First, I want to tell you that I love you. I love you kids, you wonderful young people of this Church. I love you. I believe you are the best generation this Church has ever had. No generation which has gone before measures up to the stature to which you measure up. You are better educated. I think you have greater faith I think you have shown that faith and are showing that faith than any other previous generation. I am so thankful for you. I thank you for your strength; for your willingness to do the right thing; for your desire to serve the Lord; for your capacity to help build the kingdom; for the fact that you get on your knees and say your prayers, as I know you do; for the fact that you pray to the Lord to help you, to guide you in the things you do, as I know you do. God bless you for what you are and who you are."

"May heaven smile upon you. May you be blessed. May you be happy. May you have joy in your lives. May your tears be few and your smiles many as you go forward with your lives is my humble prayer as I stand before you and express unto you my love for you and my confidence in you and my hope for you and my prayer for you. You are the very fiber of this Church and this Church will grow as its young people the young people of this generation magnify their callings and go forward and serve the Lord and live in loyalty toward Him. God bless you.
There is no end in sight for the good you can do. Do you know it? You are just simple kids. You are not geniuses. I know that. But the work of the world isn't done by geniuses. It is done by ordinary people who have learned to work in an extraordinary way people of your kind who can do these things."

If you want to read the whole talk here's the link:

Saturday, January 26, 2008

First steps

For a couple weeks now, Oliver has been itching to walk but just hasn't got the guts up yet. So if we pass him back and forth he feels a little safer plus he gets clapped for which he loves. He always looks back at the person who sent him off to make sure they are clapping for him before he turns around to give them the pleasure again. He's a smart one:) At most he's taken like 4 steps all by himself. Soon enough I'm going to be wishing that he wasn't walking. I can't believe he's a legitamate person now. Time flies but it's all so good.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A sad loss

So we just got back from my cousin Erin's funeral in Logan. It was a really sad day and also a very peaceful day too. I was just thinking what a comfort it is to have the knowledge of eternal families. I mean how sad would it be to just feel this loss and end to a life and that's it. Erin had such horrible health problems her whole life and died of a brain tumor really young, in her thirties. It is so wonderful to think that we all came here knowing that there was a mission and a purpose in our coming. I know Erin had a hard mission and I am grateful for her example. She was the first child of my dad's sister Kathy. It was hard to see her family mourn and imagine losing one of my siblings. What a blessing it is to be healthy. Definetely count your many blessings, time is so fragile.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Uncle Austin

Aust! This one's for you! For those of you whom might not know, Austin is Ryan's younger brother and he's out serving a mission in Minnesota. We have a picture of Austin in Ollie's room and he loves to look at it and talk about the adventures his uncle aust is having in freezy mn. We love you Austin!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Congratulations are in order!

Ryan got accepted into his Construction Management major!!!!!!!!!!! So this is a seriously hard major to get into and pretty much once you are accepted it is smooth sailing towards a great job. We of course had to celebrate with some Coldstone's. Babe, you are wonderful and I'm so proud of you. Way to bring home the bacon!
By the way, we created a new shake, you should all really try it. It is 3 scoops of mint, 2 of dark chocolate mint, and 2 generous helpings of chocolate shavings. It was Ryan's dream come true. I of course got my regular, 3/4 chocolate, 1/4 cake batter, reeses, and caramel. So good.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Oh Huckabee

Just heard a comment on the news from Mike Huckabee as he said that the american people want a president like the guy they work with, not the one who fires them (meaning Romney, of course). I don't know about you, but I wouldn't elect anyone I've ever worked with for president. Am I way off on this? He's getting increasingle annoying.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

oh so funny

So I just HAD to mention something funny that happened today. I was sitting at this sandwich shop waiting for my turkey delight and all the sudden I hear ducks or geese, who knows, and so I start looking around considering we are in-doors and there is a animal planet special going on. So don't worry, just at the table next to me is a guy sitting in his camouflage pants, facial hair and HUGE belt buckle, that has something written about hunting I'm sure. He was picking up his cell phone. Yes, it's true, he had the poor cry of his victims as his ringer just to remind him of the moment just before the kill. So you know, I hate hunting. But this little moment actually made me laugh throughout the day. I am glad the world is made up of all of us, even though sometimes I wish people just didn't hunt. I mean seriously.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Cozy Christmas Connection 2007/08
It's so nice to have a gauranteed New Year's kiss, especially with such a babe
I love these people!

We'll be home for Christmas

Christmas was such a wonderful time this year. We saw our family and friends and just had a great time in the sunshine and warmth. So the picture in the hole needs to be explained cause it was such a triumph. We dug this whole (and when I say we, that really means not me:), it was probably 9 feet deep. When it was finished you had to lower people in and out of it with a shovel, it was actually so funny. My brother was very proud. Oliver helped by trying to nose dive into it and then getting distracted by the tasty sand and face planting into it, mouth wide open. In the hole is me, and my sisters Annie and Chelsea. Oliver still likes to eat sand, yum...salty. And I've always said Oliver begged like a dog for people's food, who knew I was so right.