Thursday, February 28, 2008

Then & Now

My dad sent me this darling picture of him with his Grandpa Kelley and sister Kathie when he was around Ollie's age. I can definetely see the resemblance, what good lookin' boys. Don't you just love Kathie's little outfit, so cute. I'm starting to think Oliver's middle name 'Kelley' is a good one, cause he definetely is one through and through.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Update on the sick one

So last night was hell. Oliver had a really bad fever and was up crying pretty much all night. This poor child, could he get any sicker? So I took him in this morning as soon as I could to get him checked out. Well turns out that the severe ear infection he had about a month ago never really went away. You know what would be nice...if after the doctor prescribes something for let's say an ear infection, they were like make sure you come back in 4 days to make sure the antibiotics kicked it. So this poor kid has been just dealing with a ear infection, thanks doc. So the constant diarrhea is being tested with a stool sample and I guess it will come back by Friday. They're also taking blood to see what comes up. He looked at his throat and it is covered with white who knows what and it very red and swollen. So he tested for strep and thankfully that was negative. But he still has no idea what is going on. He said it could be something pretty serious or no big deal. I know doctors are amazing and pretty much I think it's the most noble profession, but somtimes it feels as if they're guessing as much a we are, and hey I didn't go to medical school, you did. So I'll take him in to get tested at the lab today and all will be revealed in a couple days. Until then, wish us luck.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I MUST vent...

So the awards were tonight and basically I am so sad that first of all, Lars and the Real Girl was only nominated for best original screenplay. So secondly, they didn't get it. Ummm, Juno got it which don't get me wrong, I loved Juno. But let's be honest, how "original" is it to write a movie about a teen pregnancy, seriously I could have written it. And honestly, I thought the dialogue was so strange, who really talks like that? On the other hand, what could be more original than Lars. Ryan and I both ADORED this movie, and I am sad it is not getting the appreciation it deserves, the end.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ridin' it like old school

The sun came out today and it got to be probably 50 degrees, and let me tell you after how cold it's been that feels like 75. So of course there was a reason to celebrate so I busted out one of the many diaper boxes and got to work with Ollie as my helper. So we had fun with this little contraption, even when the bottom gave out, both from the box and Oliver:) But as you can see from that teethy smile, no worries. Ryan was sad cause he loves this outfit but I just thought it was hilarious, how can you not. Wasn't the most fun you can remember as a kid the stuff you made yourself? Totally.
And of course the experience can't be complete without a video...

Just some cute pics

I was going to post these a while back but I got busy, I just thought they were cute. We went up to Park City a few weeks ago because my parents came up to go skiing. Anyways, almost my whole family came and it was really fun. I snuck a few good pics of Ryan and Ollie in the hot tub, amidst the steam.

Love you babe

I just had to write real quick how much I love Ryan because he is just so sweet to me. He was gone for Valentines so we didn't really go out for the night or anything, but before he left, he stayed up late the night before and hand cut out tons of hearts and wrote different reasons why he loves me. It was so fun to have all these reminders of why he loves me, even though he tells me every day, I knew most of them by heart. And I love how the word "sexy" was on about 75% of them, makes a girl feel good:)

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Has anyone's kids ever had Rotavirus?? Well, that's at least what I think Ollie has. He has had constant diarrhea for the past 5 days, and this is not normal stuff. It's really runny and it pretty much leaks out of whatever diaper I put on him and gets to every outfit. It happens about 7-10 times a day, not always severe but usually pretty bad. And he's been throwing up, not constant, probably like 5 times over the past week. And just today he is unbearable, like cannot be entertained or made happy at all. His is a very sad baby, it breaks my heart. So when I went online to do a little research that's what I came up with. It's most likely something he got from my work, of course, cause every week we are sick with something new, ridiculous. So my constant thing is do I go to the doctor? Cause everytime it seems I've gone to the doctor they are useless, they never tell me anything other than what I already know. He's not dehydrated, I think that's the main concern but still, this isn't normal. Any help? And actually, I should add the ONLY thing that makes him remotely content is baby einstein, this is a mom's dream product I tell ya!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Such a dirty boy

So today has been a little rough. Oliver woke up from his nap screaming which never happens and I went in to get him and he has thrown up all over himself,and everything else, very sad and a lot gross. So he got a bath and a change of clothes of course. So then like an hour later he had a really scary explosion in his diaper which pretty much got everywhere, no need to explain further. So another new outfit and a good wipe down. Then about an hour later there was another explosion, just as deadly. Poor outfit and hose down. So I was like, are you serious?? And then I leave him in the room while I go to the bathroom for literally like 2 minutes and I come in and this face is what I see. We have a fireplace that he LOVES to get into, and smear his hands all over the sooty walls. So that episode followed a semi-bath in the sink and a new outfit. Are you keeping track of this. That's hmmmmm...4 different outfits in one day, 5 counting his jammies. You gotta love it, plus he's so darn cute. And who can resist a baby who's not feeling well. All he wants to do when he's sick, is snuggle with mom, it's very sweet.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

And that's that...

Well folks, that's the end of sleeping through the night. The past 3 nights Ollie has woken up. The first night we were like, oh it's just a fluke, and even the second we still had hope. But last night confirmed our worst fears, that he is now deciding that waking up is more fun than sleeping. So I do the whole wait five minutes, go in for 30 seconds, wait 10 minutes, go in for 30 seconds, wait 15 minutes... and so on. Usually after 30 minutes has passed I just stay in there and rub his back till he falls asleep, I just don't think it's right to let babies cry longer than that. So you'd think he would just go back to sleep cause who wants to cry for 30 minutes. Well this kid I swear is a lot more sensitive than most, he just gets so upset. So patience, patience...I'm hoping this will work after a few more nights. Any suggestions that prefferably don't involve letting him cry all night???

Monday, February 4, 2008


We just need to post here real quick because Oliver has accomplished something miraculous...5 nights of sleep in a row, without waking up mom and dad! This is like solid sleep from 7 to 7, amazing. We have tried a lot of things to get this baby to sleep at night and basically all it took is Oliver just deciding for himself, who knew? After not sleeping for 10 months, this is life altering for us. I am now feeling like a normal person, thank goodness. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that it's here to stay.
PS... don't forget to vote tomorrow, preferably for Romney:)