Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Some randoms...

Sunday afternoon picnic

Nora's Blessing Day (June 23rd)

We blessed our sweet little Nora on Sunday.  What a privilege it is to have a father who honors his priesthood and can give his children these amazing blessings for the future.  Ryan did a great job even though Nora screamed through the whole thing.  I knew she would:)  If we could do it again, Ryan would have held her close so she didn't feel so insecure and then we could have heard everything better.  Ryan also gave a wonderful talk after the blessing.  Busy day! Here are some highlights of her blessing...
That she develop a relationship with God at an early age
To trust him
Be an inspiration to her family and have a good relationship with her brother and sister and parents
To above all trust her Heavenly Father
Return to him and receive all his blessings
Recognize the miracles he has in store for you
Be a good missionary
To never be burdened with fear or doubt
Touch the lives of many people

After the blessing we headed to my parents house to eat lunch on the bluff with family.  We also sang happy birthday to my sweetheart who was turning 30 the next day!  I wish that everyone in the world could find their Ryan Facer.  He makes life so sweet and there isn't a day that goes by that I can't believe he's mine.   

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My babies at 6 weeks

1st picture is Amelie 2nd is Ollie 3rd is Nora
I love watching my little Nora change each day.  She is so funny to watch and has the best facial expressions.  She has gotten so smiley and chatty lately.  She loves to be held.  What baby doesn't?!  She is sleeping pretty well at night, ranging from 3-5 hours at a time.  I drank a big diet coke the other day and she did not appreciate that.  It kept her and I up all night!  She still does not like the car but I feel like she's warming up.  She still doesn't like diaper changes or baths.  She is a very easily startled girl.  Every little sound she jumps at.  She loves to watch and Oliver and Amelie and laughed for the first time this week while Ollie was playing "peek a Nora".  She is trying really hard to find her fingers.  I could (and do) kiss her all day long.  I love seeing my babies at this age next to each other.  They are all individuals but made from the same love.  I definitely think my little Nora is a mini-me.  I've got to pull up some pics of Ryan and I as babies so we can see.  I was looking at my baby photos at my parents house a few weeks back and I saw Nora in those photos.  It's so amazing to create these little people.  What a privilege. 

Monday, June 3, 2013


Nora is quite the adventurer these days.  She has been to the beach more times than I can count in her short month on the earth which is just as it should be.  My sister Annie has been in town with her cute family so we all met at the tidepools last weekend.  Ami had fun running from the waves with Gage and discovering a cave.  Amelie also got nailed by a wave which explains the no clothes situation.  That's how she prefers it anyways.  Andin and Ollie were the ultimate explorers off on their own.  You gotta love newborns who mostly sleep while being carted around.  Thank heavens for the ergo carrier (thanks Andrea:) because it lets me do whatever I need to like beaching it, cleaning the house, cooking, gardening, and blowdrying my hair.
Here are a few things we've learned about Nora in her first month...
She does not like the carseat.  At all.  I think the moving car and all the bumps make her feel really nervous and insecure.  Whatever happened to newborns just sleeping in the car?  Hopefully this one will pass because as a third child, the car is sort of inevitable.  And I don't like being trapped at home:)
She also does not like the baby swing.  I'm keeping it around in case she changes her mind but so far no dice in that department.  
She started out as the ultimate mama's girl but is gradually letting others hold her and be content.
She has a fussy time from about 7-10 every night
She has had a bit of thrush which we have realized was causing her fussiness.  She is much happier now that it seems to be getting better.
She is starting to smile in response to our voices as well as make little coo'ing sounds here and there
She likes to sleep on her tummy
She took her 1st bottle of pumped milk like a champ.  Here's to hoping for a date night in the near future!
She takes a binky better than Oliver or Ami but still doesn't love it
She has been sleeping in 2, 3, and 4 hour spurts, but slept 6 hours straight the other night!  She mostly sleeps in our bed which is her favorite place to sleep so far.   
She has spit up just a few times and hardly ever poops.  What a classy lady:)
Sometimes I'm sure her eyes will be brown but they have been looking very blue lately.  Her hair is also lightening up quite a bit and falling out (just like her siblings). 
Basically, she is pure heaven and we love her
In other news, school is out in a week!  Summertime is highly anticipated in our household.  Ollie is excited to take a break from school and sign up for Art and Karate at the YMCA.  Amelie is registered for Ballet for the summer and can't wait to shop for her outfit.  Ryan is excited it's going to start staying light out long enough to surf after work and I can't wait to have no schedule whatsoever.  Oliver has been a great big brother loving on Nora and being Amelie's constant play companion.  Amelie is really starting to warm up to Nora and even gave her a "go team" high five the other day.  Since Nora screams non-stop in the car, the kids have had a hard time with it, especially Ami.  The other day she said, "Mom I'm growing up!  I'm not complaining about Nora crying!"  We kept telling her that baby's cry sometimes and there's nothing we can do about it but try and be grownup and not complain.  Well she figured it out!  It still drives us all crazy but at least its more manageable without the whole car in tears:)