Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Facer Family Reunion August 2013

Ollie was SO excited he was big enough for the water slide!

Nana and Papa snuggling Nora girl and waiting to see Ollie down the slide

We spent two days of the reunion down at Oceanside.  It was so nice. 

Walking the jetty with Aaron and Sammy

Oliver being super adventurous and awesome climbing the rocks

Ryan being an amazing Dad (and smoking hot)

All my favorites

The Facers representing at the cannon ball contest

Tica and Ami in the shrimp division.  They both won!

Ollie busting out his cannon ball. 

He won!

Our cheering squad

Could these girls be any cuter?!

Late night jam session/ Youtube video watching:)

Jill and Dane going to watch the boys surf