Thursday, March 29, 2012


I had to share this tender story from my little Ollie. The other day we were at the skatepark down the street (like we are most days). Usually Oliver hangs out at the skatepark refining his moves and Amelie and I take our neighbors dog for a walk around the park that surrounds the skatepark. I am usually within earshot of Ollie but today we wandered a little farther than normal. Ami and I were running around with the pup and out of nowhere I felt Ollie's voice in my head. Usually he can hang at the skatepark for over an hour and it had only been about 45 minutes. Anyways I turned and started heading quickly towards the skatepark. As I turned a corner and had it in my sights I saw Ollie sitting on the grass leaning against a baseball field fence. I couldn't tell if he was hurt or what but I tried calling to him but he couldn't hear me. He got up and started heading in my directions and I saw that he was wiping tears from his eyes. I started running. Finally he saw me and dropped his skateboard and helmet and came running. When he got to me his eyes were red and wet and he told me that he couldn't find me. I told him I was so sorry I went to far and I wouldn't do it ever again. I asked him if he was scared and he said yeah mom but then I sat down and said a prayer to Heavenly Father that he could help me find you and then I found you! I was just in tears at the faith my little boy had. I know this sounds small but it was another testament that prayer is real, even from a little 5 year old. Heavenly Father hears each of us. I heard my little Ollie even though he was out of earshot. I am thankful for these small and simple miracles I get to experience on a daily basis with my little ones.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Saturdays on the North Shore

The Blue Skies were out just in time for our Saturday!
Ollie gearing up for some surf
I love this palm tree and I finally got to put my kiddos on it!
They decided to break out in a dance, or well Amelie at least. Ollie usually busts out Spiderman
Finding coconuts
The glorious beach
One day maybe we'll have a set of stairs down to the sand just like this:)
Collecting. One of their favorite things to do on the sand
A few dogs from a house behind us came and just sat by us for a while. Amelie decided that this was the moment she liked dogs after all. The Kelley's win out!
I'm just in love with that miniature boy body
A self-portrait attempt. Fuzzy, but better than most I try and get:)
There is this spot on Kam highway that I've passed for who knows how long and I've always wanted to get out and explore (even though there are no tresspassing signs on the fence). This is where Jurassic Park was filmed and LOST and the latest Biggest Loser if you saw it:) It's pretty majestic. So we parked and jumped the fence with the kids and snapped a few shots before someone came and told us we couldn't be there
Yay we got in!
So small compared to their background
I'm pretty sure Ollie can't take a picture without being ultra silly these days. It just captures his 5 year old self perfectly

These trees look so magical
We heard some ATV's so we went to hide. Look at that girl's face. She loves a little mischief.
Found a tiki

Friday, March 23, 2012

Thursday night Farmer's Market

Lemonade breakThese pineapples are so sweet and delicious!
Food just looks more fresh and yummy in wicker baskets, right?
Ryan with some of our loot from the eveningEvery Thursday morning and evening, local farmers and caterers come out to sell their goods. There are so many yummy smells. I never feel like I bring enough cash but you gotta have limits or it could get bad. Next time we go I really want to get homemade Lilikoi jam but at $8 a jar, it was not happening. I also want to try the local cocoa bean chocolates. Oliver always picks out corn on the cob. We usually end up leaving with tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, corn, spinach, bananas, pineapple and bread. It's fun to get most of your fruits and veggies bought at a farmers market. Helps me know I'm not getting ripped off and food is much fresher than the grocery store
Out of nowhere, Ollie and Ami just started snuggling and Ami said "I lub you Ollie". It was such a tender little moment for my little ones. They are becoming better and better friends these days. It's so fun to see.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Ollie's Day

This is the face of a brand spankin new 5 year old
On our way to Ollie's favorite beach in Waikiki, we stumbled upon a St. Patty's Day parade. Oliver thanked himself for having a birthday so everyone could celebrate this wonderful day:)
Seeing the first group of parade goers. Ollie licking his fingers from his Coldstone ice cream birthday surprise thanks to Grandma who sent us ice cream money!
Cute as can be
Nice kiltsThe bagpipes are really some of the best sounds of all
Amelie being shy but cute to everyone that waved as they passed
This was a favorite band. I secretely want Ryan to have a uniform like this. Just so snazzy!
This is my dream car...
First candle down
Our little Oliver makes life so happy. He is truly the most enthusiastic little boy you've ever met. He has endless energy. He is the best person to surprise because whatever you have he will be so grateful and happy for. He is a sensitive, nurturing little soul. If there is ever injustice on a show he is watching, like someone is getting picked on, he takes it very hard, often bursting into tears. He is a lover. This morning when he came in our room I said "happy birthday ollie" and he gave me a hug and said "mom, thanks for saying happy birthday" so sincerely. He asks for a snuggle several times a day. He is a loving, patient big brother often sticking up for Amelie at the park when she's picking fights with other kids:) As we all know, he is an amazing artist, taking care to put details into everything he cares about. His latest works consist of surfing and skateboarding. He loves having friends around at all times, and often makes me get out of my comfort zone to talk to strangers and invite people over to play. Ollie really didn't have a hard time with our move. He is always excited for an adventure, and the possibility of something new. He just sees life this way I think. He has the best traits from all of his family:) As a teenager we might be in trouble but for now, he is all mine and I love that sweet face everyday. Ollie, happy 5th birthday, love you forever

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today we decided to explore one of Grandpa's favorite beaches, Makapu'u. It is about a 15 minute drive from our house and just glorious as can be! Here are the kids yelling "Hawaii!"

Seriously?! Aren't we lucky that God is such an artist?

Ami is also taken back by the view. We actually sat here for a while watching Humpback whales jump out of the water. I guess the best time to see them is December thru April which explains why I've had so many whale sightings at the beach lately.

This is the lookout spot down to the beach that we went to after. At the lookout spot there is this rad lighthouse that was built in 1909. There is a two mile hike to it that I hope to do for date night maybe, not with the kids. From the lighthouse there are great views of Molokai in the distance.

Oliver will not take off this hat. He loves it. It has the islands on it and it's red. Enough said. He's growing up...sigh

Here you can see the lighthouse where we were up on the face looking down at the beach

Ollie super stoked to get out on his board

I couldn't see Ami's face from the wind so she tamed that mane so I could see her beauty:)

Playing with a stick tipi

Taking control of her domain

Amelie is really good at sitting and playing in the sand which is perfect when I need to watch Oliver every second in the child drowning undertoe.

People can't get enough of watching Ollie in the water. He loves it and is super comfortable and he's miniature. People just look at him like, can he swim? You better believe it.

Skim boarding

I tried to get some shots of him taking some waves in but no luck. He is seriously getting good though. He can catch a wave in and stand up and surf it in to shore. And that's on a boogey board. Amazing balance will help him tons when he gets a real board.