Friday, January 30, 2009

Exploring the Bean Museum

This week for playgroup, we went to this little museum on campus. It was reptile day, so Ollie got to learn about turtles, snakes, lizards, all that good stuff. Actually Oliver could not sit still for 2 seconds during the presentation but took full advantage of the room to run.

The second his little finger got too close he was not at all down with touching the snake, even after I called it "puppy" hoping to coax him into holding it. Smart kid.
This is one cute face.
Call me crazy but I was slightly disturbed by all these heads and bodies. I mean really, they were covering the walls upstairs. Considering my extreme dislike for hunting, and all these being donated by proud hunters I'm sure, this was not my favorite thing in the world. This actually was very pretty.
Ollie laughing at the fellow crazed children in the museum.
Ah the facts of life. There were so many depictions of killing, I was getting a little worried for poor Ols.

When he saw that last one, he just said "Oh no!" And then made this face, and then went about his business of bounding cheerily throughout the museum. Oh my gosh, that is the most perfect word for him...bounding, new favorite.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Guam? Yes, please.

Lately Ryan has been a mad man applying for all sorts of jobs. One of his most recent applications when to Guam, a job he says would be perfect for him. I just can't even think about how cool that would be or I'll get my hopes up, but what's really exciting is that there are so many possibilities. Ok, don't get me wrong, we are very aware of the finanacial meltdown our country is in, so most likely we will gratefully take whatever we can get! But if we are at all allowed to pick and choose from a few jobs, I want to go have an adventure. I just can't help but think about all the people, places, and things that are awaiting us. There is so much to learn and teach. One of the only true ways to grow is change, and we are ready for it.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Chop it all off!!!

Due to the rapid growth of Oliver's hair, we both decided it would be best to just be done with it for a bit. Here are some post-cutting pictures in the tub. I think he looks quite handsome and maybe a little military-ish. BTW- have you ever tried to cut an almost 2 year olds hair by yourself? Highly recommend it. Just have a sucker and Curious George handy.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday night dinner with family

Once again, I come to the conclusion that my child is a cheeseball.
Brian had this amazingly powerful lazer light so Ryan and Pete decided to join in on torturing passing pedestrians on the street. It was pretty funny.
Noelle trying to escape picture taking, but I got one.
So I told Oliver to go by Katherine so I could take a picture and he just walks over and puts him arm around her to pose. It was so funny, so grownup. He just woke up from a nap so excuse his bum hair.
Katherine and I are good friends. I can always make her laugh:)
The whole gang (Pete, Noelle, Regan, Brian, Amanda, Katherine, Oliver, Ryan and me)
Oliver was trying to take Noelle pacifier out of her mouth all night. I'm thinking she didn't appreciate it much.

Cousin kisses. At one point Katherine took Ollie's face in both her hands and brought him in to kiss her. Ollie just sits by her and pets her like a puppy, it's very sweet.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Blogger vs. Facebook

I have recently become a member of facebook...I know the peer pressure just ate me alive. I had always heard so much about Facebook and finally wanted to see what I'd been missing. Anyways I feel the need to set the record straight- Facebook is not as cool as blogger. There I said it. So sorry to all those diehard facebookers, it's just not that interesting, other than stalking a few old friends that you would have never found if you hadn't joined. Granted, it is REALLY cool being able to touch base with people I've totally lost touch with, but I just need more dish than so and so is feeling happy today. This brings me back to my love of blogs. I can follow up and actually read all about people's lives, and it's so interesting no matter what they say. Hands down, people are my favorite thing, and well, facebook, you just aren't a big enough fix.
Ps- I did take some pics tonight at my sister's house but am too tired to put them on considering it's 11 and who do I really think I am staying up this late. Look for them tomorrow, night night.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More of Christmas Break

Isn't Christmas morning the best! I think Oliver looks like such a Facer in this picture:)

That's one excited face.

Even the frozen water will not stop these guys.
A successful day indeed.Pete and Noelle. Look at that great smile.
The new daddy Steve with baby boy Carson, such a sweet boy.
Mom and Dad enjoying the increasing size of our family.
Amanda and baby Katherine. I do have to say I just LOVE that baby!
Jill in all her pregnancy glory. Can't wait to see that little boy.
Snuggling on Dad's shoulder at the beach...could there be anything better?
We scored a sweet spot on the beach campground for our anniversary #3. Hearing the waves was the #1 priority and after looking at all the ridiculous prices of hotels, this was the best thing ever. It was freezing but breaking into a hot tub kept us alive. Ahh camping on the beach. I love California.

Snow snow and more snow

It has not stopped snowing since we got here. I can't remember ever seeing this much snow except for maybe Rexburg. The roads have piles and piles of snow. Everytime a student leaves their car they come back to find it totally buried. Our Daewoo is still under about 2 feet of snow and it doesn't look like it coming out any day soon. In the midst of all this, Oliver is in the backyard playing in his snow tunnel Ryan dug out. It was warm enough today to be outside a lot and we played in the snow till our limbs were numb. Tomorrow we intend on building a massive snowman with our snowman kit. I hear it will be warming up a lot. As long as it's not 9 degrees, we are good, well actually maybe above 30 would be nice.

Skateboarding and the injuries that go with it

Ollie eagerly awaiting the opening of the skate park. There were boys already in there and the gate was locked so we couldn't very well throw him over the fence. He was very anxious.
Finally someone opens the gate!
His injury from that day. Everyone needs their first battle wound, and he got right back on. It doesn't look that bad here but it got so much worse.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Christmas Update!

First off, we are still at my parents and I could only get a limited number of pictures uploaded so these are the ones I got, but there is more to come. First order of business, my hair is short.

This was the horse's tail that was left that will hopefully go to a head in need.

Down with my family at the Americana. They had fake snow falling from the sky at 7:00. That is SO my kind of snow.

The water show and the obvious amazement on these faces.
Jeff and Ry on Christmas morning.
We walked down to Trestles to surf and Oliver pooped out on the walk back up, Curious George in hand of course.
A visit with one of our favorites Emily Brown. Ems, if we had a list, you would be at the top.
G&G Facer enjoying Christmas morning. Aren't they cute?

A candid before Carson's blessing. We blessed him in the bishop's office at the La Canada ward with just our family. It was very special.