Saturday, September 29, 2012

My baby is 3!!!

 Amelie opening presents with the help of Auntie Leah
 I told everyone to look and smile.  Ollie was the only one who obliged:) 
 Excited about her sticker doll book
 Ready to paint her ceramic fishies.  If you know Ami, you know she loved fish, birds, and eggs especially right now.  We couldn't find any good egg toys
 I just couldn't pass up this one of Ollie's face.  My kids seriously have the best expressions
 Ryan picked out this cupcake pinata for Ami's bday.  She was beyond excited.  We got to have a few friends with us to celebrate with pizza and cake.  It was so fun
 Getting ready to show us her moves.  I was impressed with her actually.  That little girls got some spunk.  Just the way I like it 
 Ollie was a master at the pinata. 
 Luke trying his luck.  Such a cutie
 Happy birthday to you! 
Blowing out her candles.  Here's to a wonderful 3rd year for our little miss.  Love her so much.  I can hardly believe that 3 years has gone by so fast.  So much has happened since she came into our lives.  Ryan had just gotten a job out of college when she was born and we were living between our parents houses.  We moved to Aliso when she was 6 months old.  And now we live in Hawaii!  She is such a fun little girl to spend my days with.  I love the alone time we get together.  She loves to play "neighbor" and make cookies and cakes to take to each other (usually out of playdo).  She can play pretend "birdie" and "fishy" with Ryan's hands making puppets.  She makes you work a little harder for kisses and loves but when you get them, it is worth all the work.  She doesn't let anyone push her around and is very comfortable fighting for what she wants.  She is a sweet, caring friend, and loves her brother so much.  I love the way she talks in her high little voice and that she uses terms like "actually" and "probably" with a tilt of her head.  When she gets excited she shakes and squeezes her hands really tight.  She still loves to suck that thumb even though she frequently comments that big girls don't suck their thumb.  She is hard to put to bed.  Never wants to miss out on anything.  She gets away with a lot because that is a hard face to say no to.  The best stuff comes in small packages.  I can't wait to see what that little girl turns out to be.  She is something special.