Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ollie's first tooth!

These pics were taken Nov. 4, doing a little catch up as usual:)  Ollie came home from school with an extremely loose tooth.  So I had to document the last picture of his baby teeth before he lost his first.  What a big moment for our Ollie boy!  So Ryan actually tried to pull it out that night and it ended up hurting too much so we decided to give it another day and see if Ollie could wiggle it even looser.  Well wouldn't you know that when Ollie came home from school, he had his pulled tooth neatly in a bag to proudly show us all!  He was so excited!  He just lost his second tooth on Friday night so now we are on a roll.  We keep telling him soon he'll look like toothless Nora:) 

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