Tuesday, December 10, 2013

OCMCO Concert Dec. 6

Oliver and my Dad were in the last Orange County Millennial Choir and Orchestra performance.  I really can't believe how good that choir is!  Oliver is in the young singers chorus which is four to six years old!   I just think it's amazing that they can teach these kids to be so disciplined and sing their hearts out on stage in front of all those people.  My little Ollie boy was so proud and so excited.  He did so well!  This will be something we do for a long time.  I believe so strongly in the power of music and the discipline that comes from learning at a young age.  I love this choir and am so proud of my Dad and Ollie for all their hard work!  Makes me miss choir! 

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Aaron and Meg said...

Biz said he wants to sing like Ollie. That's a rad experience. We know the power of music too. Glad it's part of our family talents! -- AB