Friday, March 22, 2013

Ollie is 6!!!

I really don't think I could love this boy any more than I do.  He has the sweetest heart and constantly reminds me of the good in the world. He is positive and excited about life.  He is the best person to surprise and always has a grateful heart.  We went to Target yesterday so he could spend some birthday money and he picked out a Pokemon plush toy and still had money left so he gave his extra money to Ami because he felt bad she didn't get a new toy too.  His one wish this year was a party at Chuck E Cheese with "all his cousins".  Chelsea just got married so I think he thought everyone would still be around but we gathered some good friends and family, some tokens, pizza, and cupcakes and had a grand old time.  He loves to be loved and we are all glad to do it. 

Since the move, Oliver started a new kindergarten which has been really wonderful.  He has been blessed with a sweet, experienced teacher and he comes running to me at pickup every day with a big smile on his face, asking what we're doing next.  We went to the park yesterday and he wanted to play with a group of boys.  He wanted me to go ask them if he could play but I wanted him to stand on his own and go make friends.  Sometimes I don't know how far to push him.  He just looks for acceptance so much and I want him to remember that those boys are lucky that they get to play with him and that he doesn't need permission to play and have fun.  I'll say, just jump in there Ollie, they will love you!  If they don't give him a formal invite he gets his feelings hurt which usually ends in tears.  It can be a tough one.  I always said I just wanted to give my kids confidence.  So I am trying to remind him that he is the coolest boy around and anyone is lucky to know him. 

One of my favorite things about Ollie is how much he cares about people.  Ryan and I always ask him, who's your favorite friend at school?  And he will always say, mom I don't have a favorite friend because I love everyone just the same.  When we moved back, I wanted to hear what the kids thought about being back so I would ask, do you like living in Hawaii or California more?  Always, Oliver would say, I love both mom, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.  I'm so lucky to be able to raise such a caring person and he reminds me to be that way when I forget.  I also feel lucky that he is our oldest and will always take care of his sisters.  Watching him grow and learn has been so much fun.  I love that boy with all my heart.  Happy 6th bday my sweet Ollie boy.   


Austin & Ellen said...

Ollie just gets sweeter every year :) I can't believe he's 6 already! It seems like yesterday that he was 3.

And a Pokemon plush? Awesome choice! If I ever find my kazillions of Pokemon stuffed animals I'll have to send him and Ami some.

The Locklins said...

Ollie is such a sweetheart. I know you know that but reading this really touches my mama heart. I hope my Chloe has his compassion. What a dear boy, giving his sister his extra birthday money. I so know what you mean about instilling confidence. i really want to do that too. You are such a great mom to those kids. I so look up to you and can't wait to meet little Norah!

Burnett Facer said...

Such tender words and comments about Oliver. He will treasure these words-especially when he has had a hard day.

You are a great mother!