Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Hui Hou!

It all boils down to the fact that ultimately I have to do what I know Heavenly Father wants me to do; even if I dont necessarily want to do it. I dont want to sound ungrateful for the once in a lifetime opportunity I've been given to work for DreamWorks as part of their Facilities and Construction Management Team; I'm very grateful. I'm also sooooo very excited to be closer to family and friends that we left on the mainland that we love dearly and cant wait to see again. But (just like I tell Becky) there's something about this island that is indescribable. Ever since the very first time I set foot here, I felt I found a piece of my soul that had been waiting for me. When I left, it refused to leave the island. It wont leave the island. That's why this is literally breaking my heart. I hate leaving this place.

I couldn't have begun to imagine the wonderful Kailua family we would be arriving to about a year ago. So many families to name: the Underwoods, Johnsons, Collins, Sawadas, Halls, Wongs, Baldomeros, Thorntons, Lynchs, Coopers, Hallstroms, Kavas, Misis, Hikidas, Gossers, Kuniokas, and soooo many more. It honestly felt like coming home. I'm going to miss our Kailua family soooo much. Everyone is so genuine, so loving and unassuming. There's something so unique in the feeling of people in Hawaii. There's no status. There's no criticism. There's no gossip. People live and spread Aloha to everyone. I love our Kailua family. Words cant describe how much it hurts to leave them. I love our people here. I love the culture. I love how people are greeted with a hug and a kiss. I love how people wave each other into traffic and are thanked with a 'shaka' out the window. I love how people are genuinely concerned for others and are always ready and willing to help. I know we can find all of these qualities in people anywhere in the world; but there's something unique here. It is just the common and unspoken way in which just about everyone you meet lives their life. You can feel it.

I love the weather. I hate seasons. This is my favorite season and I get to live it 365 days a year. Surfing goes without saying. The fact that my kids live in the ocean here will be sorely missed. Becky asking to go surfing on the weekends will be sorely missed. The almost daily rain. The green cliffs on the windward side. Matsumotos, Kailua Keiki Surf Competition, Summer Town Surf Sessions, Ted's Bakery, Rocky Rights, Vland, KBay, Da Bus, Na Pono Field Trips, Crystal Clear Water, BYUH, Castles, Camping, Town, Makapu'u, Sandys, The Pali, Kalamas, Kainalu Elementary, Jungle Park, The Jungle in general, Keolu Loop, Driving on Kam highway. Hiking pillbox, Nu'uanu valley, Makapu'u lighthouse and more. Chickens on the side of the road. The flour-like sand at Lanikai. The granual-like sand of the north shore. Did I mentioned surfing :). All this, plus a million things more I will miss on a daily basis. But mostly I'll miss our people.

I will miss my kids at church. Teaching Sunday School and Seminary for the juniors and seniors has been one of the best things ever. I love those kids. I pray for them multiple times a day. I honestly consider them my younger brothers and sisters. I want them to have every joy in life possible. I love that I get to talk to them about whats most important in life. I love talking to them about mission and getting them ready to go on their own. I love talking about the Gospel. Next to my family there is nothing I like to talk about more than the Gospel because it's what makes literally everything beautiful in life. I will miss them dearly. You guys better keep me informed on what you're doing. I want in on the family newsletters/missionary letters for sure.

That's what hurts about leaving. All these people that I love like family, that I might not necessarily see every Christmas. Its like we're family, without being direct family. It really hurts to leave them. Thank goodness H.F. has a perfect plan that allows me to be with the people I love forever. Thank goodness distance and even death itself is only a temporary delayer of me being able to spend all of time with the people who are important to me. I love that fact. It keeps me going everyday because I know it is true.

I'll end this letter where I began: I have to do what H.F. wants. He's never let me down. Even though its hard, I know that doing what He wants is ALWAYS the right decision. We will miss our Hawaiian family and will come back to visit as often as possible. And for our other family on the mainland: we can't wait to see you! As bad as it hurts to leave Hawaii, we're equally excited to be with our mainland family and friends again. God bless the expanding families we've created wherever we go. We love you. A hui hou ohana.


nita said...

Who wouldn't want to be part of your expanding family? You guys make everyone feel loved and right at home.

I'm grateful for the eternities, too--many big family reunions to come.

Brooke said...

I have already commented on this situation to your ear so no need. However, I'd like to comment on how hot you look in this pic!

Rachelle Underwood said...

Ryan and Becky...I think Ryan wrote this. I stumbled across your blog, and saw this entry. It made me cry, I loved it. Thanks for reminding me of what to be thankful for in Hawaii. We miss you tons!